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Tours with special focus on bird watching in Sri Lanka. Birding is one of Walk With Jith's main specializations.

Athula - amazing birder, excellent eyes and hearing, recommended

26 Nov 2019

Hi Jith, Firstly I would like to thank you for organizing a great birding and wildlife tour for me. I have given some written feedback to Athula for you but I guess I wanted to summarize my thought to you in an email.
In total I was able to see in excess of 180 birds and I realize that my focus was on the target birds I have not seen rather than seeking higher number of species. I am glad I was persuaded to change the plan from Bundala to Lunugamverah? as I had fantastic views of a leopard which I had not expected or hoped for.

Recognizable photos of around 160 birds (including 26 of endemics)

14 Nov 2019
Iain Maidment and Upali

Iain Maidment and Upali

Overall a very well planned tour: Upali was knowledgeable and patient as out guide. Although there was a lot of time on the road (often wind and bumpy). He drove carefully and there was time to stop when we needed or something of interest.

Kitulgala was a good place to start and although it rained some of the time, we were able to see a lot of birds. Kaudulla park was excellent both for the elephants and Roller birds and Bee-eaters.   

We enjoyed the cultural triangle, particularly Polonnaruwa (close up views of birds as well as the ruins) and Dambulla cave temple. Kandy was also enjoyable although the train ride was less scenic than expected. Horton plains was one of the highlights.

Tissamaharama and the nearby wetlands were also amazing, although there wasn’t a lot to see at Bundala park (no migrants).

All endemics found !!!

9 Feb 2019
Marco Valentini and friends in Sinharaja

Marco Valentini and friends in Sinharaja

We have been birding with Walk With Jith 26.1 – 9.2.2019. The orientation and schedule comes from experience and have fully satisfied our expectations. Concerning hotel accommodation I suggest for photographers, Martin’s Lodge when in Sinharaja. Our *** totaled more than 210 species, of which many nicely photographed, often in challenging conditions. A special mention to our guide Thilina that is always available and flexible, tireless and knowledgeable. With his continuous efforts we have really enjoyed our stay here in Sri Lanka.

Great, Jith and Thilina

Marco Valentini and friends – Italy

P.S. All endemics have been found!!!

Our “tailor made” trip was very well organized. Highly recommend...

24 Jan 2019
Klas and Utta Fresk

Klas and Utta Fresk

If you want a bird trip in Sri Lanka, we can highly recommend “Walk With Jith”. Our bird guide was excellent in all meanings, skilled, perfect English, social and very helpful.

The company was easy in all contacts. Our “tailor made” trip was very well organized. We saw many more birds than we expected.

Klas and Utta Fresk
Västerås, Sweden

Upali was determined, 34 endemics birds seen, 29 photographed! total 230+

9 Feb 2019

Bill Rowe
Bill Rowe with Upali

My initial contact was with Jith at the Rutland Birdfair. I was impressed by his knowledge and enthusiasm – so did not look at any other company in detail. All communication has been very prompt, all questions answered to my satisfaction and all printed material very clear (really liked the photos)

Jith promptly met me at the airport and introduced us me to Upali, my guide/ driver.

Birding and exploring the ecosystems - fabulous trip

3 Mar 2019

Peggy McLeod and Lisa Soli
Peggy McLeod and Lisa Soli

For those who are interested in birding and exploring the ecosystems of Sri Lanka,

this is a fabulous trip. Our guide Susantha was extremely knowledgeable and

accommodating to our interests.

Our hotels were a mix of quality most of the staffs were exceedingly helpful and

friendly. We loved the quietness of the Ferncliff Inn.

This was a great experience for us.

Seattle, USA

Very passionate birder and tour guide, definitely recommend him

18 Nov 2017

Jonny and Alex with Thilina
Jonny and Alex with Thilina

Thilina is a very passionate birder and tour guide. I really enjoyed the birding time with Thilina.

Thilina knows the location of birds very well, and he got extraordinary hearing.

I would definitely recommend him to my friends.

Johnny and Alex 18 – 24 Nov 2017

Superb day in Sinharaja

19 Aug 2017

David Garnett with Thilina
David Garnett with Thilina

Had a superb day in Sinharaja. Thilina was an excellent and very knowledgeable guide. During the course of a hectic day we saw 66 species and virtually all of the target species. Unfortunately my visit to Sinharaja was too short but I would recommend Walk With Jith who were professional and helpful throughout.

David Garnet, UK


Good photography opportunities!

16 Oct 2016

hans-and-sandy-Walk With Jith Tour 2016
Birdwatching - Hans and Sandy with Thilina from Walk With Jith

We went to <***> Walk With Jith for this wonderful tour through Sri Lanka. Thilina is a wonderful guide with an exceptional birding knowledge. He managed to find the most difficult species. Our trip was full of <***> in nature for the full day; This gave also good photography opportunities, the main goal of our trip.

Hans & Sandy
31/10/16 – 18/11/16

At Botanical Gardens - Hans and Sandy with Thilina from Walk With Jith


He found the Serendib Scops Owl on a branch when it seemed impossible!

28 Jul 2016


Vittorio Pedrocchi and family with Thilina.

Vittorio Pedrocchi

We have made a 7 days tour in order to see the difficult birds of Wet Zone and highlands. We are a family of five, with 3 children, and we have seen 32 endemic birds with our guide Thilina.
Thilina is a very good bird watcher, he found many birds through its calling, and he take care of our family while looking for birds. He found the Serendib Scops Owl on a branch when it seemed impossible!
The places we stayed were very good and the organization was perfect. We recommend Walk With Jith for making birdwatching tours.


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