Erik Mølgaard and Mrianne from Denmark

23 Nov 2013

Erik and Mrianne
Erik and Marianne

Marianne and Erik Mølgaard toured with us in 2013.

Their photo website is here:

Your can read Erik's full trip report here


In Danish: Kirsten og jeg havde en fantastisk fin tur til Sri Lanka med Walk with Jith.

17 Jan 2015

Soren Skov and Kirsten Lundsby Hansen tour birding tour 2015
Jan - Feb 2015

Hello Prasanjith

Thanks for your greetings
Now we are back in a snow-covered Denmark.

I have written this in Danish:

Kirsten og jeg havde en fantastisk fin tur til Sri Lanka med Walk with Jith. Udover mange fugle, som bl.a. omfattede næsten alle de endemiske arter, så vi leopard, blåhval, havskildpadder, der lagde æg på stranden, brydes hval, spinnerdelfiner, flyvende hunde i tusindvis og meget mere.  Rundrejsen blev afviklet i et afslappet tempo, da der var god tid ved lokaliteterne - og når vi skulle videre, sørgede vores chauffør og guide, Senerath, for at fragte os trygt fra sted til sted i sin nye og næsten lydløse Toyota. Hele arrangementet klappede til punkt og prikke, og virkede meget gennemtænkt og vel planlagt.

Had such a successful trip; we were immediately thinking of a second trip also!

23 Dec 2012

Annette and Morten from Denmark

23 December 2012 - 05 January 2013

Dear Prasanjith Caldera,

First of all my wife and I would like to thank you and team for the great holiday you have done for us. We can and will strong recommend a birding watching trip to Sri Lanka with WalkWithJith. Already Sunday evening I will be together with other Danish Birdwatchers and I will strongly recommend you.
Allow me to highlight few points which has been important for the success:

- During the planning process you have been very fast in responding and following-up. This gives confidence as we don´t know each other.

- For me it has also been crucial that you have prepared a transparent and clear programme. It made a decision quiet easy.

In addition to the birds: mammals, butterflies, dragonflies, botanical garden and cultural history

11 Feb 2013

Anne, Upali and Carsten Fog

11 - 25 February 2013

My wife and I have just been on an intensive 15-day bird watching in Sri Lanka by the company "WalkWithJith" ( We had over birds peeping also 3 days with cultural insights, however, it was possible to have binoculars with all locations. The trip was very well organized and we were lucky with good weather and many birds. Thus it was possible to see all the endemic species. We were fortunate to have an excellent guide in addition to the birds could mammals, butterflies, dragonflies, botany and cultural history at your fingertips. We arranged themselves the trip and booked flights with Emirates. I highly recommend WalkWithJith for the well-developed program where all clapped to the smallest detail.

Hiring a local tour operator over a big international company - fully up to what I wanted

15 Nov 2014

Carsten Enevoldsen

November 15, 2014.

Walk With Jith lived fully up to what I wanted and hoped for when Hiring the services of a local agency instead of a group tour by a big international company. It's very adopted to personal needs, great flexibility and a very nice, competed and hum ---th guide. Walk With Jith also was very helpful in organizing just tour --ti miles with other operators which is very important for an individual traveler as me. Thanks for very good memories and my ---- recommendations to other potential travelers.

Carsten Enevoldsen


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