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Well planned and executed. Extremely committed birdwatcher showed all endemics.

23 Dec 2016

Rosen Family - Sweden Birding Tour in Sri Lanka 2016-17
Rosen Family - Sweden. Birding Tour in Sri Lanka 2016-17

A well planned and executed trip for nature, birds & culture. Mr. Upali has done a very good job with logistics, atmosphere and not least sharing his deep knowledge on birds and culture. We really appreciate him sharing local customs, food and treats.

Last but not least, Mr. Upali is an extremely committed birdwatcher and managed to show 34 (all) endemics with good views. In addition we saw much more and had a good birding experience.

The choice of accommodation has been varied but always with “location” in focus. We like this concept, and with Mr. Upali reminding us to bring a few beers to Martins Lodge, we were all set.

Rosen Fanily, Sweden

23/12 16 – 6/1 17

Our tour guide was excellent and very knowledgeable.

15 Mar 2016

Sharon Whitaker and Valerie Mock with Indunil - March 2016
Sharon Whitaker and Valerie Mock with Indunil - March 2016

Walk with jith more than met our expectations. Our tour guide was excellent and very knowledgeable. He not only knew his bird species, he also knew which ones were endemic and which ones were migrant. He was able to compare them with ones that were in the us where we live and other Counties where we have visited, like South Africa. And most important for us. We also learned at our request about other flora and fauna, especially the unique lizards and flowing Shrubs and trees.

The driver was not only careful on the very crowded roads, but also good at spotting birds and lizards. He was much attuned to our needs. Slowing and stopping where possible for photos and bird watching opportunities.

The trip has been a magical journey for me and my family.

9 Mar 2016

Joshua, John and Pamella

9/3/2016 – 23/3/2016

The trip has been a magical journey for me and my family. To be with my mother and uncle as they visited place in Sri Lanka from their childhoods was marvelous, and all to   other locations, cities, hotels, shrines, temples and wildlife reserves was suspended not to mention all the birds. What really was special, was the comfort and ease of the whole holiday. We were in marvelous hands with Jith and attitude – always cared first and it made the journey effortless and marvelous.

I can’t walk to come back again further adventures with Sri Lanka and will. Happily WALK WITH JITH Again.

Thanks for everything.

very good eye-sight… passionate… well organized

8 Feb 2016

The tour guide is a bird expert with very good eye-sight. It’s very important that the guide could point out birds from far/ long distance. He’s very passionate about bird / animals.

The itinerary   is good and well organized. However, the elephant safari could be removed from the itinerary and more time should be spent in Yala National Park. It’s because there are lots of animals. including elephants in Yala National Park.

Good local restaurants should be introduced to the tourists. so that we can taste the very local food and culture.

 Karen Lee Group 2016

Sharp eyes and guidance

30 Dec 2015

<No image available>

Athula is a very good bird expert!

With his sharp eyes and guidance. You must have fun and find bird without doubt!

Good Corporation and bird-man

29 Dec 2015


Martin and Mary Leathwood

A second superb mixed tons of birding wildlife and culture. Thanks to Jith for helping to organize us as at very short notice. Providing first class transport and Athula. What an asset he is in your organization – an excellent driver – good corporation and birdman. We just cannot braise here enough.

Happy to send a derailed report for website as for our 2009 tour.


Note for website

Hi Jith

Sorry our paths and not cross in the tour. We’ve had a great time with Athula.

Just one thing to note for the future, particularly as not everyone is as tolerant as us - it would be sensible is ensure directions to hotels are included in the itinerary and a contact telephone number at the hotel.

Extremely knowledgeable about the birds and wildlife

18 Dec 2015

Kristine Oehlers and Harry from Singapore with Upali 2016
Kristine and Wah Jiam from Singapore with Upali 2016

We enjoyed the trip. It was very well organized and things proceeded smoothly and without problems. Our guide, Upali was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable about the birds and wildlife. He gave us excellent advice and information as we traveled around Sri Lanka. We both had a great time on your tour.

Best things about Sri Lanka; friendliness and welcoming attitude of the people

8 Jul 2015
Manju, Megan, Cath Errington and Michael
We had a very enjoyable time travelling around Sri Lanka with Manju. Manju was able to tell us lots of interesting facts and found local guides for us at major sites. He looked after us very well the whole time.
Our accommodation was very good and the food was wonderful, portions huge. We were lucky enough to see many elephants of all sizes, visit interesting ruins and majestic temples. One of the best things about Sri Lanka is the friendliness and welcoming attitude of the people. I would highly recommend this company as everything was organized perfectly.
Australia, Wollongong

Food on offer has been delightful and aromatic

3 Jul 2015

Ian, Jacqueline, Phamie, Elsbeth with Jith and Upali - Sri Lanka 2015

Firstly, we had an amazing experience in Sri Lanka (it's an amazing country!) We have visited so many interesting and cultural places with our wonderful tour guide Upali.

Walk With Jith could not have arranged a more balanced and enjoyable tour, takin in evey thing from wildlife to places of worship and cultural fascinations. Upali has been an inspiring and knowledgeable guide with great stories and facts to make every aspect of Sri Lanka come alive!

All hotels were welcoming, comfortable and clean. All food on offer has been delightful and aromatic. It has been lovely to taste the different cultural foods of Sri Lanka.

Thank you.

Burke Family
(Ian, Jacqueline, Phamie, Elsbeth)

New Castle upon Tyne, UK

Jaffna Crab … just wonderful!! Trinco is always a favourite

27 Jun 2015

Dinner at Navam and Regis' House - Jenn, Rob, Davida, Neil, Marilyn, David

July 2015

4th visit to Sri Lanka! I am amazed, jith, that you still are welcoming and as usual, made out stay in your home and as we travelled around simply great! I still have not learned any Sinhalese, and am probably now holding a record for you seeing temples both old and new. Thanks again for your friendship and your attention to detail. I look forward to showing you Ireland! – soon!!

David De La Harpe Golden


July 2015