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Well organized and delivered. The locations were well chosen.

12 Dec 2016

The trip was great; well organized and delivered. The locations were well chosen to meet the bird and other wildlife watching interests.

The hotels were good, the people friendly and helpful – delightfully so.

The guide, Hetti, became part of the family. He was / is expert at finding birds and other wildlife. Good company – in fact great fun. Score 10/10.

Thank you Jith for organizing and thank you Hetti for delivering with style.

Joan & John McAllister


Knew where most species possible and also to get the best photographic opportunities

3 Dec 2016

Damon Ramsey
Damon Ramsey bird watching

hi Prasanjith

Yea, sorry for the delay in replying, I meant to email you a few days ago, but I am back at work already and busy again!

As you can see I have put in half a dozen pages on various Sri Lankan spots so feel free to link to whatever you want.

I tried to get as many reports and images done while at mirrisa, but now I have left the country, I probably won't add to much more at this stage, maybe just a little tinkering..

No need for Google with Saman around. Service was excellent, superb guide

28 Nov 2016

This was our first holiday of this type but it will not be the last. The program that was put together surpassed the remit to see some of the cultural highlights, visit the wildlife ‘hotspots’ and also fit in some birding.

Service was excellent from first content through to our superb guide Saman who not only continuously amazed us with his bird and wildlife knowledge (no need for Google with Saman around) but was patient with a very Bad Birdwatchers and went out of his way to fulfil various random requests.

Saw all the endemic birds... Monkeys taking our bananas at breakfast...

14 Nov 2016

We had a wonderful trip. Upali was an excellent guide and so calm driving the exciting roads of Sri Lanka. He was not only very knowledgeable about birds but the flora and fauna too.

It was so good & very special for him to organize a surprise birthday cake at the hotel in Tissa. We saw all the endemic birds and also fitted in some “culture” too, The evening stroll at Kandy was memorable for the first outs and the temple, the hotel free for the monkeys taking our bananas at breakfast.

We will be back!

Thank you!

Colin & Clare Slator

14/11/16 – 28/11/16

Very good trip with friendly people

1 Nov 2016

Allan Oxenham and Mark Hulley with Thilina
Allan Oxenham, Mark Hulley with Thilina

Good all through tour, got all endemics western food if preferred. Guide Thilina very helpful knows the birds and calls well, vehicle comfortable with plenty of room. All round a very good trip with friendly people.

Allan Oxenham


Good photography opportunities!

16 Oct 2016

hans-and-sandy-Walk With Jith Tour 2016
Birdwatching - Hans and Sandy with Thilina from Walk With Jith

We went to <***> Walk With Jith for this wonderful tour through Sri Lanka. Thilina is a wonderful guide with an exceptional birding knowledge. He managed to find the most difficult species. Our trip was full of <***> in nature for the full day; This gave also good photography opportunities, the main goal of our trip.

Hans & Sandy
31/10/16 – 18/11/16

At Botanical Gardens - Hans and Sandy with Thilina from Walk With Jith


Our most enjoyable second visit to your lovely country

3 Oct 2016

This trip report is created by us using a few emails Helen and Peter Preston sent us after their second tour with Walk With Jith. Thank so much for both of you for your valuable info and effort.

Peter and Helen Preston with Upali
Peter and Helen Preston with Upali

From: Peter Preston
Sent: Monday, October 3, 2016 8:15 PM
To: Prasanjith Caldera
Subject: Thanks and Thoughts

Dear Jith,

Fantastic scenery, culture, animals, birds and friendly people

27 Aug 2016

Hanna Jackson - Debbie Jackson - John Ashworth - Upali - Walk With Jith tour in Sri Lanka

Many thanks for a wonderful holiday. We feel like we have really experienced Sri Lanka with its fantastic scenery, culture, animals, birds and friendly people.
With the holidays wildlife tours we had a super guide in Upali. He was polite, thoughtful and extremely knowledgeable – making sure that we saw as many birds and animals as possible–especially the endemics. 
Overall a will thought through and planned experience. We will definitely recommend you. Thank you.
John Ashworth – Thanks 
Debbie Jackson X
Hanna Jackson :)


John Ashworth


He found the Serendib Scops Owl on a branch when it seemed impossible!

28 Jul 2016


Vittorio Pedrocchi and family with Thilina.

Vittorio Pedrocchi

We have made a 7 days tour in order to see the difficult birds of Wet Zone and highlands. We are a family of five, with 3 children, and we have seen 32 endemic birds with our guide Thilina.
Thilina is a very good bird watcher, he found many birds through its calling, and he take care of our family while looking for birds. He found the Serendib Scops Owl on a branch when it seemed impossible!
The places we stayed were very good and the organization was perfect. We recommend Walk With Jith for making birdwatching tours.