Bird watching; best driver-guide we have ever had

Tim and Susie Kemp  - Walk With Jith tour
Tim and Susie Kemp - Walk With Jith tour

We have just spent three extraordinary weeks in Sri Lanka on a predominantly birdwatching holiday with some culture.

The arrangements have been perfect and the trip has run like clockwork. Jith even visited us halfway through to make sure we were happy.

It has been the most wonderful experience, entirely due to Athula, our guide, who was totally committed to our wellbeing and satisfaction. He has a great sense of humour, a ready smile and a zest for life & birds which is infections. His friendly demeanor meant that everywhere we went, we met lovely smile, friendly people & felt very at home. He was mine of information about his country & we learnt an amazing amount from him.

He was an absolute Ace at spotting birds & was always at pains to make sure we saw them properly too. The birds are absolutely beautiful & we all agreed that the bird books just don’t do them justice.

Our only disappointment in Sri Lanka was the amount of litter by the roadsides, something only the government can rectify, but as Athula kept telling us, some of the best & rarest birds are found in the smelliest roadside dumps!

Tim and Susie Kemp



Tim and Susie Kemp
Tim and Susie Kemp - Walk With Jith tour

From: Tim Kemp 

Sent: Thursday, March 2, 2017 4:06:34 PM

To: 'Prasanjith Caldera'

Subject: Kemp Tour


Now that we have returned to a wet and cool England from a dry warm Sri Lanka, we wanted to thank you for arranging for us  a fantastic trip. The holiday far exceeded our expectations and our three week journey was a truly unforgettable experience. We saw not only a lot (225) of beautiful birds but also enjoyed our temple and town visits and the travel through different parts of the country seeing much of the local culture and daily life.

Apart from your careful planning, Athula as our guide was magnificent and a great credit to your business. His enthusiasm, patience and constant smile coupled with his great knowledge and brilliant spotting resulted in him being the best driver/guide we have ever had in all our birdwatching trips. He never failed to please and kept us going when our spirits (and bodies!) began to flag. Please pass on our sincere thanks and good wishes to him.

I was also very impressed by the way you were in touch all the time to make sure all was well and the fact that you came to see us in Tissa. Thank you.

We look forward to seeing you at the bird fair in the Summer.

With our best wishes

Tim and Susie Kemp

Tim and Susie Kemp
Tim and Susie Kemp - Walk With Jith tour

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Tim and Susie Kemp
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22 Feb 2017