Birding, architecture, culture, wildlife - excellent all the way!

Simon and Andrew with Athula
Simon and Andrew with Athula

Excellent in every way. During the planning stages Jith was prompt, responsive and always full of suggestions. Once in Sri Lanka, both our guides were excellent – they knew their birds and where to find them, and they were just as helpful in other ways (this was as much an architectural / cultural trip as a wildlife trip). What was most impressive was the way everything was handled when a close relative of our guide, Saman, passed away overnight in the middle of the trip. Everything was seamless – a new guide was there in the morning, allowing Saman to go home and us to continue without a hitch, and despite having driven half the night to get to us with almost no notice, our new guide was chirpy, happy and on the ball from the outset.

Note form Walk With Jith: This was especially tailor made for architectural interests, food and culture as well as birding in Sri Lanka.

Simon Keizer / Andrew Willes


Serendib Scopes Owl
Serendib Scopes Owl

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Simon Keizer
Andrew Willes


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24 Apr 2017

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