Highly recommended as a tour operator for bird photographers

Thilina, Eric TAN and Ingo WASCHKIES
Eric TAN, Thilina and Ingo WASCHKIES

Our tour was focused on high quality bird photography, and it has been a great success. Bird photography is quite challenging in Sri Lanka, and we would never been able to get as many pictures without Thilina, our expert guide and driver. Thilina’s birding skills are simply incredible – he mananges to pick up birds calling from extremely far when neither Eric and me could hear anything. His identification of birds we only saw a tiny glimpse of are always correct. Thilina also always had “another good spot” for every bird we had some difficulties getting a photo at first. We greatly apreceated the flexibility of our tour – Jith was kind enough to adapt to our special requests during our tour without any additioinal charges. Accomodation and food were good – we stuck to the local variation of dinner (usually rice & curry) – whenever we had “western style” food, we were generally disappointed.

Overall we can safely say that Walk With Jith is highly recommended as a tour operator for bird photographers – and if you can, try to get Thilina as your guide.

Ingo WASCHKIES & Eric TAN (Germany & Singapore)
Germany |City: Nice (France)
12 November 2017

Tour dates: 28th October to 12th November 2018


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Ingo Waschkies
Eric Tan
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12 Nov 2017

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