Knew where most species possible and also to get the best photographic opportunities

Damon Ramsey
Damon Ramsey bird watching

hi Prasanjith

Yea, sorry for the delay in replying, I meant to email you a few days ago, but I am back at work already and busy again!

As you can see I have put in half a dozen pages on various Sri Lankan spots so feel free to link to whatever you want.

I tried to get as many reports and images done while at mirrisa, but now I have left the country, I probably won't add to much more at this stage, maybe just a little tinkering..


thanks again!


Damon Ramsey with Athula
Damon Ramsey with Athula


Damon Ramsey

3rd / December / 2016

I Normally travel independently and like to take my time & look for wildlife in national parks with my own hired vehicle. But while travelling in Sri Lanka I needed a tour package that in a short space of time combined various separate national plants of different habitats and transport and accommodation in between. I also needed a specialized guide that knew wildlife. And all for a reasonable price, and quickly, as I had only decided this a week in advance!

So “Walk With Jith” was recommended by a fellow naturalist guide, and they put together a great tour at a great price.

Sri Lanka seems to have some of the best specialized wildlife guides in tropical Asia. My guide Athula was hard-working and knew where most species possible and also to get the best photographic opportunities. So if you have limited time, and you want to see as many wildlife species as possible and don’t want to make the arrangements yourself, I recommend “Walk With Jith”. You can check out what we saw by going to under the entries for Yala, Bundala, Lunugamvehera and Udawalawa and Horton Plains.  (this may take a week to get done!)

Thanks for everything

Damon Ramsey

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Damon Ramsey


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3 Dec 2016

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