Absolutely wonderful tour of southern Sri Lanka

Patty North, Robert Ahola and Kathy King
Patty North, Robert Ahola and Kathy King
Nov 16-25, 2013

Jith and Mr. Silva – Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful tour of southern Sri Lanka. From beginning (initial planning emails) to end (our farewells in Kandy), you have been patient, professional, knowledgeable, helpful etc etc, making your trip enjoyable. Jith, your knowledge of birds and ability to fin them is astounding! Add to that the plants, trees, lizards etc… how fun to learn all of this! Our drives, through sometimes long and bumpy, were always safe thanks to the excellent work of Silva.

Thank you both! – Kathy King

Dear Jith,
Robert and I have had a wonderful journey with you on our first trip to Sri Lanka. We appreciate the care you took to make no comfortable and the expertise you demonstrated to introduce us to the wildlife of Sri Lanka. Both you and your driver were always patient and cheerful, and we appreciate your lovely sense of humor. Thank you both for a wonderful trip.

Patty North and Robert Ahola

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Patty North
Robert Ahola
Kathy King


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16 Nov 2013

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