All the arrangements were extremely well organised thanks to Prasanjith

Joanna and Chris Brown
Joanna and Chris Brown
London, UK

21 September - 2nd October 2010

Joanna and Chris Brown

 You feel a little isolated from the 'real' Sri Lanka being in the car driving through places, and eating and staying in 'tourist' hotels - it's really rewarding to explore beyond this, and experience village life if you get the opportunity to do so. Also, a suggestion for lunches would be to use local bakeries and shops rather than always going to restaurants offering buffet food.
On a similar note, although it was really good to stop off at the big craft shops (for wood carving, gems, batik, etc), it might also be nice to wander around 'freestyle' and explore other, perhaps smaller and more low-key, shops. 
Another idea to consider would be including the tea plantation area (i.e. Nuwarya Eliya) in the itinerary if possible (we did not have time, but from what we heard and read, we'd like to go).
All the arrangements were extremely well organised thanks to Prasanjith, who was very helpful with answering our many queries beforehand. We also appreciated the fact that he took the time to meet us at the beginning and end of our trip. Our driver (Mr Jaya) took excellent care of us along the way, and was a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide.

We really enjoyed our snapshot of Sri Lanka and would love to go back sometime.

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Chris Brown
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21 Sep 2010

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