And that is what Jith has delivered: a rich diversity of experiences

John and Linda Wightman and Carol and Brian Phillips
John and Linda Wightman and Carol and Brian Phillips
Nottingham UK

9th-29th November 2010

We have both enjoyed Sri Lanka, everywhere people have been friendly and helpful. The country appears green and fertile and much less littered than other tropical countries we have visited.  We wanted a mixed trip, wild life –especially birds and to learn something of the culture of the country, and that is what Jith has delivered: a rich diversity of experiences. He has been excellent when explaining the island’s history & culture. We have learned about spices, trees, orchids and benefited from his skills at finding the birds: a great all-round experience.
With Silva as our driver for the three weeks we have always felt safe and he found a few birds as well.
Thanks, Jith, for your patience and help when we were feeling unwell and for a wonderful holiday.

John – Linda Wightman
Nottingham, UK  


9th-29th November 2010
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Our visit to Sri lanka has been all we hoped for. Having planned what we wanted to see and where we wanted to go, Jith took over and organized our route, our journeys and great accommodation along the way.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island and it is obvious that the Sinhalese people are proud of their country and look after their surroundings. Jith shares his knowledge of his country with us giving us an insight into how the people live and use the natural sources of food around them. We learnt about the history of the island as we visited temples and landmarks.
Some places we visited were for bird watching and Jith proved an excellent guide spotting birds for us and also many other creatures very memorable as the scrambles down a hillside through trees and across bogs to see Serendip Scopes Owl and the monsoon rain which followed.
Many thanks to Mr. Silva for getting us around the country safely and cheerfully, always willing to help and sometimes spotting birds too!
Thank you, Jith, for making our visit to Sri Lanka such an enjoyable experience.

Carol and Brian Phillips

Calventon, Nottingham UK

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Linda Wightman
John Wightman
Carol Phillips
Brian Phillips
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9 Nov 2010

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