From checking our rooms were comfortable to ensure our security and safe passage

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27th July 2012

Unawatuna Beach Resort: Clean and comfortable. Very good service and excellent food
The Centauria: We were the only guests staying at the hotel which made it a slightly strange experience. Food service were extremely good
The Grand Hotel: Luxury hotel, fantastic experience with a lively atmosphere. Good food and service. Friendly staff
Topaz Hotel: Adequate in every respect lacking in charm. Good food.
Sigiriya Village Hotel: Our favorite hotel. Extremely comfortable rooms. Lovely atmosphere in an idyllic setting. Great atmosphere and excellent food. Friendly staff  
The Mud House: Fantastic service from extremely friendly staff. We were very well looked after. Good range and amount of activities on offer
Ranweli Holiday Village: Clean and comfortable

Guide Jaya : Jaya has been an excellent guide throughout our trip. He has worked after us beautifully from checking our rooms were comfortable to ensure our security and safe passage. He made us aware of things and situations to experience or avoid, correct prices to pay etc. We felt in safe hands. He offered some facinating insights in to Sri Lanka which enhanced our experiencebut did not overload us with information. We would recommend Jaya as a guide to others.

Thank you for a fantastic Holiday!

Matthew and Sarah Ruene

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Sarah Ruene
Tour review date: 
27 Jul 2012

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