In addition to the birds: mammals, butterflies, dragonflies, botanical garden and cultural history

Anne, Upali and Carsten Fog

11 - 25 February 2013

My wife and I have just been on an intensive 15-day bird watching in Sri Lanka by the company "WalkWithJith" ( We had over birds peeping also 3 days with cultural insights, however, it was possible to have binoculars with all locations. The trip was very well organized and we were lucky with good weather and many birds. Thus it was possible to see all the endemic species. We were fortunate to have an excellent guide in addition to the birds could mammals, butterflies, dragonflies, botany and cultural history at your fingertips. We arranged themselves the trip and booked flights with Emirates. I highly recommend WalkWithJith for the well-developed program where all clapped to the smallest detail.

Carsten Fog

Also read their "Report of sighting of Oriental Scrub Robin in Nuawara Eliya in Gregory Park" >>

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Carsten Fog
Anne Fog


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11 Feb 2013

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