Jaya was an excellent guide – very friendly attentive and met all our requests

Chris & Polly Ford
Poly Erricker & Chris Ford

Comments on Hotels

1. Club Hotel Dolphin

  • Clean, basic hotel
  • Polite staff
  • Good facilities
  • Good location on beach

2. Palm Garden Village

  • Excellent hotel
  • Good food
  • Staff remembered room number! (at meals)
  • Beautiful surroundings and atmosphere
  • Feeling of privacy
  • Wifi in lobby

3. Sigiriya Village

  • Good room
  • Pleasant surroundings
  • No tea/coffee facilities in room
  • Limited facilities

4. Amaya Hills

  • Excellent views
  • Good food
  • Good facilities
  • Wifi in lobby
  • Thin walls (noisy!)

5. Kani Lanka

  • Beautiful location
  • Well-designed hotel
  • Complementary foot massage
  • Wifi throught
  • Staff generally polite but
    some waiting staff pushy/rude. One person in particular would leave with our change and not return (2 occations)

Guide (Mr. Jaya)
Mr. Jaya was an excellent guide – very friendly attentive and met all our requests (various fruits and a hopper pas!). We were also very impressed by Jaya’s superb knowledge of the history of Sri Lanka and we accepted his stories! Jaya was also punctual and understanding.
Well organized.
Saw important/interesting sites without doing too much.
Perhaps it would be useful to have 1-2 days relaxation in the middle of the trip to recover from the travel.
It would also be useful on the itinerary to have a rough estimate of the travel times in between sites/ hotels.
Thank you very much for a wonderful and remarkable honeymoon!

Chris & Polly Ford

Name of Guest: 
Chris Ford
Poly Erricker
Tour review date: 
11 Jul 2011

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