The holiday was amazing

James and Tasha
James and Tasha
Peterborogh, UK.

November 30, 2006

The holiday was amazing -  I would give it five stars Jith (from Walk With Jith) and his driver Saman were extreamly knowledgable and so kind and friendly that we now consider them friends. Apart form a night from the airport hotel on our arrival late in the evening we stayed in small eco lodges that coocked food grown on their property/estate. I would highly recommend the Eco Lanka Lodge on the Maussawa estate in the hill country where we were treated to Sri Lankan coocking lessons.

We also visted the homes of craftsmen in the Kandy area where we bought our souvenirs directly from the craftsmen, ensuring a better price for them.

Jith is also an expert in bird knowledge and has written reports to try and stop the use of mating calls to attract birds on bird spotting tours as this has a negative impact on their ability to mate. he is also writing reports to try and stopp cruelty against by snake charmers and porcupines as well. He certainly is doing some excellent work in that field.

My advice to other travellers would be to book with Jith, perticularly if you have an interest in birds or wildlife which is his passion. I will recommend him to all my friends that travell to Sri Lanka. He took us to more places than we had agreed beforehand and, along with Saman worked tirelessly to make our trip a full and enriching experience. They were on hand to do as much of as little as we wanted and pointed out all sorts of interesting things that we would have missed had we were not with them. Difinitely five stars!

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James and Tasha
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30 Nov 2006

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