We recommend WWJ for birdwatching in Sri Lanka

​Senerath, Gabriel and Anne from France
Senerath, Gabriel and Anne from France

Anne and Gabriel Leboff
August 11th to 21st 2014

We recommend WWJ for birdwatching in Sri Lanka. All the tour was prepared and our guide Senerath did a great job!

We could exchange and by this way, we got a better knowledge of the country and for sure about the endemic (and non endemic!) birds.

Just some highlights: Yellow eared bulbul, chestnut back owlet, oriental blue magpie and by overall, even if it’s not an endemic bird; Malabar Trogon male and female. Thanks to WWJ and Serenath for the extraordinary vacation trip. We will come back home with great remembers and some nice photos!

Anne & Gabriel

Here are some exiting photos form there trip, on Flikr: https://flic.kr/s/aHsk2eXfjA

Blue faced Malkoha
Blue faced Malkoha - photo by Gabriel Leboff

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Anne Leboff
Gabriel Leboff


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11 Aug 2014

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