Tour Reviews, Testimonials from Australia

Guide Thilina recommended especially of bird photographers -- outstanding!

7 Apr 2019

Tony and Christine with Thilina
Tony and Christine with Thilina

We could not have wished for better.

Our guide Tilly (Thilina) was outstanding and we would recommend him to anyone- especially bird photographers. Accommodation was very good and the gardens around Hibiscus and Blue Magpie were “dripping” with birds.

We had a great holiday and would definitely use WWJ again. These guys really know their birds and where to find them.

Tony and Christine


Guide Dhammika - very knowledgeable, affable and fun to be with

18 Feb 2019

Jon Wilson - Lynne Martin
Jon Wilson - Lynne Martin

We had an excellent trip.

Our guide Dhammika was very knowledgeable, affable and fun to be with.

The care and attention and emphasis on meeting our individual needs was always a priority. Sri Lanka is a treasure house for birding, and we were guided wonderfully well to see all we wanted to see. In addition, the driving, drivers, tracker, hotels and extra activities were fabulous. Overall, we would highly recommend walk with Jith and Dhammika.

Thank you.

Jon Wilson - Lynne Martin
Jon Wilson - Lynne Martin


Jon Wilson - Lynne Martin
Jon Wilson - Lynne Martin

Understanding, attentive, punctual, v. good sense of humor -- decided to come back!

12 Feb 2019
Christine and Carole with Chameera

Christine and Carole with Chameera

Dear Jith,

Thank you so much for a wonderful holiday!

We thought we would give detailed feedback in email form and enclose a photo or two.


Our guide Chameera was just perfect. He quickly realised in early conversations what we wanted from our holiday and tailored it to be just right for us. He was quietly attentive, punctual and had a very good sense of humour, coping very well with us! He also introduced us to a bit of bird watching and despite this being a non-birding holiday, we saw ten endemics which gave us a lot of pleasure.

We had such a good experience with Cham and enjoyed Sri Lanka so much that we have decided to come back next year and would very much like Cham to be our guide. We have already discussed a rough itinerary with him for next year.


Kingsbury Hotel  - 5 Stars from us.

Sorrowa Resort - 3 stars from us.

For a combined wildlife and cultural trip, the bird list exceeded my expectations

24 Jan 2019
Murrya Lord and Family

Murrya Lord and Family

“Organising the trip could not have been any easier. It only took a couple of emails to agree the plan and then we got pricing which made clear what was and was not included. Quick turnaround on questions gave a very positive impression.

Dhammika was a good, professional guide and a safe driver. He was always good humoured and worked hard to make the holiday work smoothly yet flexibly. For a combined wildlife and cultural trip, the bird list exceeded my expectations. We all enjoyed the variety of interesting activities, good accommodations and good wildlife sightings.

As a suggestion for how to improve things, it would have been good if we had a more detailed briefing of what was happening in advanced each day, and sometimes being given a few more options to choose from would be helpful.

For example:

-if we’d known in advanced that the Yala safari included a two-hour lunch break we could have bought a book to read or activities for children.

Thilina - best bird guide we have ever encountered

7 Aug 2018

Yolande Cozijn Warren Wilson and Guide Thilina
Yolande Cozijn Warren Wilson and Guide Thilina

Take a look at there Photo Book here:

Bookings, itinerary, airport reception all very good.

All hotels very good except hotel “Leisure Village” hotel, Nuwara Eliya. Much below standard for our company clients. Must be better standard in future.

For us, the full day at Yala National Park was too long. Emphasis for us – perhaps OK for others.

Vehicle always clean, comfortable and felt safe.

6th visit since 2007 - 10 Years of memories

16 Jun 2017

Australian + Irish Group
Australian-Irish Group - June 2017

Thanks again Burgher brother
Like a bad smell I’ll be back.
Next time 35 people!


We really do appreciate your earnest attention to detial in planning the itinerary and selection of hotels. Your selection of Sri Lanka’s flora & fauna and your patience in assisting with all the details to ensure that once again we have had a wonderful holiday.
Many thanks.
Trish & Kichard Groom.
Melborne, Australia


To my Dear friend Jith,
Many years of tours with you and many pleasurable memories. Thank you yet again for all your attention to detail and company. I am getting ideas for our next tour. 
Another success. 
Thanks Jenn xx.
(your co-guide).
Melb. Australia.
P.S. look forward to a visit from you to Melbourne.

Birding, architecture, culture, wildlife - excellent all the way!

24 Apr 2017

Simon and Andrew with Athula
Simon and Andrew with Athula

Excellent in every way. During the planning stages Jith was prompt, responsive and always full of suggestions. Once in Sri Lanka, both our guides were excellent – they knew their birds and where to find them, and they were just as helpful in other ways (this was as much an architectural / cultural trip as a wildlife trip). What was most impressive was the way everything was handled when a close relative of our guide, Saman, passed away overnight in the middle of the trip. Everything was seamless – a new guide was there in the morning, allowing Saman to go home and us to continue without a hitch, and despite having driven half the night to get to us with almost no notice, our new guide was chirpy, happy and on the ball from the outset.

Absolutely Love all the birds & animals we observed

6 Feb 2017

Carol Hopkins  Graeme Munro-tour-Walk-With-Jith-2017
Carol Hopkins Graeme Munro-tour-Walk-With-Jith-2017

It ws a fantastic tour, Jith. Absolutely Love all the birds & animals we observed. Comments by email when we return to Australia in 1 weeks’ time. Thank you for the gift.

Carol Hopkins

6. FEB 2017


Hi Jith
As promised, here is my review of our 11-Day birding and wildlife tour, completed on 6 Feb 2017.

Overall Summary
This was a well organised tour, tailor-made to our requests, which provided a fabulous opportunity to see a huge variety of birds and animals with the help of a very knowledgeable and efficient guide and staying in comfortable accommodation with good service and meals.

Knew where most species possible and also to get the best photographic opportunities

3 Dec 2016

Damon Ramsey
Damon Ramsey bird watching

hi Prasanjith

Yea, sorry for the delay in replying, I meant to email you a few days ago, but I am back at work already and busy again!

As you can see I have put in half a dozen pages on various Sri Lankan spots so feel free to link to whatever you want.

I tried to get as many reports and images done while at mirrisa, but now I have left the country, I probably won't add to much more at this stage, maybe just a little tinkering..

It was good to be guided to see all the endemics in 10 days

18 Apr 2016

Peter Marsack and Janet Gardner with Saman

An excellent tour, and Saman was an excellent guide – very knowledgeable about the birds but also other wildlife and culture. Having two teenagers with little interest in birding could have made it difficult, but Saman did well to involve them sometimes and keep them interested.

With our particular interest in the birds, it was good to be guided to see all the endemics in 10 days – we would certainly not have found them all without help. We also got to see the pride Sri Lankans have in their wildlife and natural heritage, something other countries could aspire to.

Best things about Sri Lanka; friendliness and welcoming attitude of the people

8 Jul 2015
Manju, Megan, Cath Errington and Michael
We had a very enjoyable time travelling around Sri Lanka with Manju. Manju was able to tell us lots of interesting facts and found local guides for us at major sites. He looked after us very well the whole time.
Our accommodation was very good and the food was wonderful, portions huge. We were lucky enough to see many elephants of all sizes, visit interesting ruins and majestic temples. One of the best things about Sri Lanka is the friendliness and welcoming attitude of the people. I would highly recommend this company as everything was organized perfectly.
Australia, Wollongong

Jaffna Crab … just wonderful!! Trinco is always a favourite

27 Jun 2015

Dinner at Navam and Regis' House - Jenn, Rob, Davida, Neil, Marilyn, David

July 2015

4th visit to Sri Lanka! I am amazed, jith, that you still are welcoming and as usual, made out stay in your home and as we travelled around simply great! I still have not learned any Sinhalese, and am probably now holding a record for you seeing temples both old and new. Thanks again for your friendship and your attention to detail. I look forward to showing you Ireland! – soon!!

David De La Harpe Golden


July 2015

Koush is one of the best bird guides I have encountered

17 Feb 2015


Photo from Tony's tour
Photo from Tony's tour

17 February to 1st March 2015

Hi Jith

Sorry for the delay in responding to your request for feedback but after Sri Lanka I was working in Malaysia for a week and have not long been back … only to arrive in the middle of our cyclone season.

The following comments are mine alone - I believe Christine will send her thoughts separately:

1. The overall experience - probably 7/10. Part of the problem was of my own making because I tried to get an itinerary that would provide something for everyone, and frankly, that didn’t work. There was too much driving and too many days when there was no birding, or very little. But when we did get to the good spots the birding was often excellent and Koush eventually got the hang of working with a ‘photographer’ who needs good light, not just sightings.

The Sri Lanka feast on our final night was delicious

20 Sep 2014

Prasanjith briefing on the food at the dinner table to Isabelle and Bert
Prasanjith briefing on the food at the dinner table to Isabelle and Bert

20 September 2014

To Jith,

Thank you for organizing the most wonderful tour of Sri Lanka for us. We loved every minute. It is such a beautiful country. We thank you to Upali also – a wonderful driver, guide, naturalist and friend. Finally thank you for letting us stay at your amazing house and sharing special family time with Nirosha and Dinitha and us. Such an honour to meet you all. It felt like we had known each other for years! And the Sri Lanka feast on our final night was delicious – we will be dreaming of the food when we are back in Australia!

Love from Isabelle & Bert :)

Upali really made our trip one that will never be forgotten

20 Oct 2013

Clay, Marcelle and Nirosha
Clay, Marcelle and Nirosha



Our most sincere thanks to you and your young family for not only organizing an unforgettable holiday, but also for sharing your lovely home. Some of our fondest memories will no doubt be those spent in Colombo. As for your tour, we could not have hoped for a better driver than Upali. His knowledge of SRI LANKA and its natural habitats and animals were not only extensive, but extremely interesting. He really made our trip one that will never be forgotten. We look forward to seeing you soon in Australia.

Clay and Marcelle

Melbourne, Australia

Clay and Marcelle

Clay and Marcelle​

A group of 25 from Australia

10 Aug 2013

Grand-Hotel-Nuwara-Eliya- Australian, Irish Group 2013



To My Friend Jith,

Thanks again for another successful trip. I've had an absolute ball. As always your smile make SRI LANKA so so enjoyable.
Until next time Jith
Love Jenn xxxx

P.S LOVED the train trip :)

Dear Jith, once again thank you for a wonderful tour. Jith is the star of a life long friendship.

Your Burgher bother

Dear Jith

Well done for the superb trip you planned for us all.
Probably the best adventure in my life.
I hope we do this again one day.

Kind Regards
Stephen Wood

16 08 2013

Dear Jith,

Manju was an excellent driver and Upali is a very fine and knowledgeable person

1 Apr 2013

Nancye, Manju, Upali and Margaret
Nancye, Manju, Upali and Margaret

1 - 16 April 2013

Hi Jith,
Just a note to let you know that we returned safely after our short visit to Kerala.
Our tour with you was excellent. The van was in great condition, Manju was an excellent driver and Upali is a very fine and knowledgeable person. We all got along very well together and enjoyed every day of our tour. I also thank you for the map of Sri Lanka, the bird list and the bird book. All were put to great use during our visit and I wish that all tour operators would provide these facilities for us.

It will take me quite some time to sort through all of the photos that I took and keep just the very best ones to share with others. When I do this, I will send access for you.

Thanks once again Jith for an excellent tour. 

Australian Group

23 Mar 2012

Australian, Irish Group 2012
Australian, Irish Group 2012

March 2012 
The De La Harpers (again)

Dear Jith,
Thank you for looking after us as well again in thins our third trip with you. This time even more family & friends made a large tour but as usual organized everything to perfection. I think you are also now family! Each time I come there I see even more of the beauty of the country, culture, and wildlife.
We will be back!
From Davide De La Harpe – Golden 

Dear Jith, 
What DAVIDA writes also goes for me. I hope we will revisit ------ hike the ancient Buddhist remains at Dambulla, Nuwara Eliya, Yala N. Park and perhaps see the North of Sri Lankain the future. Your care and patience have been --------- – but you did not mention devils this time…..
From Niel Golden

We had never done a tour before, of any sorts, so were a bit nervous – but this has been perfect

15 Dec 2011

Thrish and Andrew at Yala National Park
Thrish and Andrew at Yala National Park

More information and photos of this tour is in the trip report they wrote is here >>

15th December 2011

I'll be back because I'm your Burger brother!

1 Dec 2007

Norman David, Peter Golden, Erica De La Harpe, Shane Carter, Davida De La Harpe Golden, David De La Harpe, Neil Golden
Norman David, Peter Golden, Erica De La Harpe, Shane Carter, Davida De La Harpe Golden, David De La Harpe, Neil Golden

See more pictures of their tour here >>

1st - 14th December 2007
The Dela Harpe - Golden - Carter Group


You made certain our visit was one of the best experience we have had - You patience with expatriate Sri Lankans will go down in family history as a legend. I hope we will feature in your family history also as a legend - especially Norman!!
- Davida de Dela Harpe - Golden

 Thank you for a great & very interesting holiday and for your care and consideration 
- Neil Golden

It never ceased to surprise me how you pull these birds out of no where

10 Aug 2005

Mark Whittaker and Jith
Mark Whittaker, Journalist
Sydney, Australia

10th August 2005

Dear Jith,
Thanks so much for a very relaxing few days birding. It never ceased to surprise me how you pull these birds out of no where, like you conjured them up your self. Shame about that starting never mind that just gives me an excuse to come back and get it next time. I certainly look foward to playing the CD and being reminded each time of the splenders of Sinharaja.
All the best!