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Recommended for anybody wanting the very best of birding in Sri Lanka

15 Apr 2019
Alan Wall with Thilina

Allan Wall with Thilina

This tour has been very successful in every way. The number of species seen in seven days exceeded my expectations. The total being 121. my guide Thilina was experienced at finding the endemic birds we were focusing on together with his knowledge of all things about the natural world.
The accommodation was very good and had been well selected. I rate Thilina as the very best guide one could have in Sri Lanka.
On general issues I found walk with Jith easy to work with and recommend them to anybody wanting the very best of birding in Sri Lanka.

Alan Wall
Bristol, UK

Most well organised Birding tour we’ve ever undertaken

30 Mar 2019

Dave Tanner with Guide Athula
Dave Tanner with Guide Athula

Hi Jith​

Mary & I are now back home and fully recovered from our long flight from Colombo to Scotland via Dubai (26 hours travelling).

Firstly, we would like to thank you personally for organising a wonderful tour. We’re both of the opinion that this was the best and most well organised Birding tour we’ve ever undertaken, a credit to your planning .

We would also like to take this opportunity to once again thank Athula, who primarily was an excellent guide, driver and general all-round fixer . At a number of our hotels the staff didn’t seem to understand the concept of being vegetarian, on one occasion even thinking that Chicken soup was vegetarian . Not to worry, all sorted by Athula.

Guide Dhammika - very knowledgeable, affable and fun to be with

18 Feb 2019

Jon Wilson - Lynne Martin
Jon Wilson - Lynne Martin

We had an excellent trip.

Our guide Dhammika was very knowledgeable, affable and fun to be with.

The care and attention and emphasis on meeting our individual needs was always a priority. Sri Lanka is a treasure house for birding, and we were guided wonderfully well to see all we wanted to see. In addition, the driving, drivers, tracker, hotels and extra activities were fabulous. Overall, we would highly recommend walk with Jith and Dhammika.

Thank you.

Jon Wilson - Lynne Martin
Jon Wilson - Lynne Martin


Jon Wilson - Lynne Martin
Jon Wilson - Lynne Martin

Such a well-organized tour and most excellent guide

12 Feb 2019
Helen and Mike Boothman with Senerath

Helen and Mike Boothman with Senerath

This was our first experience of wildlife guided tour, and overall it was very positive.

Jith kept in touch with us and responded to our questions both promptly and clearly before we set off for Sri Lanka. Also, As we organised some days on our own doing culture, history and relaxation, both at the beginning of our trip and at the end, the arrangements for meeting us and dropping us were both flexible and worked well.

Our guide, Senerath, was excellent, knowledgeable, committed and excellent at finding birds that we would have had no chance of finding on our own. He was also good at other wildlife also – butterflies, reptiles, mammals, plants etc. He also

shared with us on general culture and life in Sri Lanka generally, which we really appreciated.

Upali was determined, 34 endemics birds seen, 29 photographed! total 230+

9 Feb 2019

Bill Rowe
Bill Rowe with Upali

My initial contact was with Jith at the Rutland Birdfair. I was impressed by his knowledge and enthusiasm – so did not look at any other company in detail. All communication has been very prompt, all questions answered to my satisfaction and all printed material very clear (really liked the photos)

Jith promptly met me at the airport and introduced us me to Upali, my guide/ driver.

Happily personalized the itinerary to suit our requirements

1 Feb 2019

Liz Pierce 1 with Chameera
Liz Pierce 1 with Chameera

We are so pleased we booked with “Walk With Jith” from our first enquiry, the company was professional and responsive, and happy to design our personal itinerary to suit our requirements. Our guide Chameera was very knowledgeable and worked very hard to make our bird watching holiday so enjoyable.

We have seen a total of 186 birds, of which 29 were endemics. Of those we saw 180 and 26 endemics during the tour with Chameera of walkwithjith. We have had a thoroughly enjoyable holiday with Chameera. We saw the 26 endemics in just 2 days.

We will be happy to recommend walkwithjith to our friends and family.


Simon and Liz Pierce
London, UK

Best possible birding holiday. Fantastic service!

24 Jan 2019

We have had the best possible birding holiday. Our guide (Upali) has taken excellent care of us throughout and found 215 species, including all the endemics. We have been able to relax totally, knowing that our guide (driver too) would take care of everything, whilst not being intrusive. We had great views of all the species. Upali has also been passionate about the cultural sites.

Jith engaged with our ideas prior to the trip and organised our tailor – made itinerary. All was so easy. At the beginning of the holiday, Walk With Jith drove us to our Air BnB accommodation near Matara, which we had arranged ourselves. The accommodation wasn’t easy to find, but the drives helped locate it and would not leave until we had checked the accommodation and were happy- even though it was our own booking. Fantastic service!  

Alison and Nick Blinston

Nottingham, UK

Our guide, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, looked after us very well

20 Jan 2019
David and Crhis Evans with Athula

David and Crhis Evans with Athula

The trip was very well organised, and we travelled in a comfortable, air-conditioned van. Athula, our guide, was knowledgeable, enthusiastic and looked after us very well, even giving us an insight into Sri Lankan life and its culture, along with plants and their uses. We saw 238 birds on our trip- an excellent total, including nearby all the endemics (or all, depending on which list) with plenty of time for photography.

The hotels were of a good standard.

Tamarind Tree Hotel – very convenient for airport food buffet. Style – ok

Plantation hotel – Quirky and interesting good food and service. Nice location.

Glenfall Reach – Standard hotel room, comfortable staff, very attentive, but food could be poor.

Hibiscus Garden – Good hotel, nice garden good for birds. Excellent staff and very good food. Only problem - hot water had run out by the time we got back from safari.

Thilina - hearing and ability to spot birds is just amazing

12 Jan 2019

Thilina was a great driver and excellent guide. He is very knowledgeable about birds, animals, vegetation etc. His hearing and ability to spot birds is just amazing. He is very courteous at all times and listened and took on our suggestions.

Your next visitors will benefit from hot tea/ coffee from his newly acquired flask.

We had an amazing luck with 33/34 endemics spotted.

Thilina spilt us with additional snacks and treats on the journey and always made sure we were ok.

Manda and Spencer Simmons

London, UK

Wide variety of habitats, great overview of the bird life

13 Aug 2018

Owen and Tina with Upali
Owen and Tina with Upali

We would like to thank you for a fabulous three-week tour of Sri Lanka covering both bird watching and cultural activities. One of the strengths has been the wide variety of habitats we have visited, giving us a great overview of the bird life of Sri Lanka. As the result of the skill and knowledge of our guide, we have seen the majority of the endemics. However, one of the highlights must be our unexpected spotting of a Loris in Sinharaja forest.

We have stayed in a variety of different accommodation, which have all been in stunning locations, from basic motels to colonial bungalows. The standard of these has been at least good. We would like to thank you and your team for a well-organized and well balanced program.       

Tina and Owen Watkins
Chester, United Kingdom

I have never had a guide so good

12 Jul 2018

Paul Pugh and Olga with Thilina
Paul Pugh and Olga, with Thilina

I will email my full appraisal with photographs upon my return to home. But I would like to say this. I have never had a guide so good. So friendly, so dedicated and so nice Thilina. He is an absolute credit to Walk With Jith. We will be walking again soon. Thank you so much Paul and Olga.

Paul Pugh

12 – 17 July 2018

Best birding I have ever done

11 Jul 2018

Birding with Walk With Jith has been the best birding I have ever done. My birding tour guide was Upali. He could not have been better. Not just on the birds, but the mammals, plants, trees, butterflies. Also the history of Sri Lanka. He found all 33 endemics which was great. I will not hesitate to come back. So a Big no. A very big thank you to Jith. Upali and all – all the best.


Paul W Cotterril

From 11th June to 20th June 2018

My guide tried his best to accommodate my wishes

1 Mar 2018

Claire Finka with guide
Claire Finka with guide Atula

I saw most of the birds on my wish list and my guide tried his best to accommodate my wishes during our time together.


Impeccable logistics

14 Feb 2018

McAllister and group from UK
McAllister and Group from UK

The tour took in the very best wildlife sites of Sri Lanka and encountered many species of mammals, reptiles, butterfly and 225 species of birds. The hotels and travel arrangements were impeccable. The guide Hetti and the logistics team of Jaya and Harshaka were brilliant.

- Joan & John

Flexible, fun, caring, trustworthy, helpful, knowledgeable and impeccable logistics.

- Keith & Judith

We enjoyed the experience immensely and would never have undertaken such an adventure without the support and guidance of the tour team.

- Geoff & Marie

Love it all. Brilliant

- Linda & Carol

3,000 photographs of over 200 bird and numerous mammals including leopards, elephants and blue whales

14 Feb 2018

We first became aware of Walk With Jith at 2017 Birdfair when we met Prasanjith Caldera in person. His knowledge of and passion for Sri Lankan wildlife was infectious. After contacting him by email and informing him we were interested in the Wildlife and Photography Tour we arrived in Sri Lanka on 14th February 2018. We were met by Jith himself and our dedicated tour guide Thilina Kayrunana (Tili) who was our companion for the next 14 days. Tili shared the same qualities as his boss and over the next 2 weeks we obtained 3,000 photographs of over 200 bird and numerous mammals including leopards, elephants and blue whales. Tili recognised every bird by call alone and his eyesight was astonishing. He catered for our every need so that our trip ran smoothly and was a great ambassador for both Walk With Jith Tours and Sri Lanka. Thanks to Jith and Tili for providing such an incredible adventure and we would recommend them to everyone unreservedly!

Steve and Teresa Atkinson

Senerath enabled us to find & photograph over 200 birds, including all endemics

5 Feb 2018

Sandy and Gerry Studd with Senerath
Sandy and Gerry Studd with Senerath

Thank you for a well organized and very enjoyable 16 days in Sri Lanka. Wherever we went, the people were very hospitable, extremely friendly & helpful – hotel staff, locals, jeep drivers, shopkeepers etc – always smiling and genuinely pleased to see you, even welcoming you into their houses and gardens to enable you to see owls in their rafters or spurfowl in their gardens at odd hours of the day!

Jith’s planning and Dammika’s execution. Itinerary was fantastic, seamless arrangements.

26 Jan 2018

Harry and Melinda Cole with Dhammika
Harry and Melinda Cole with Dhammika

Thanks to Jith’s planning and Dammika’s execution we have fallen in love with Sri Lanka. The country has exceeded our expectations. The itinerary was fantastic with seamless arrangements.

We could not have wished for a more helpful, personable driver/ guide. Dammika ensured we made the most of things, including an unscheduled train ride and buying lemon puff biscuits! The focus was on birds but also included wildlife and flora. We also had an insight into Sri Lankan life, culture and food. Beds everywhere were comfortable, staff were always friendly and helpful.

Thilina - Totally committed to achieving our goal of 33 endemic species

25 Jan 2018

Robin and Glenda Bream
Robin and Glenda Bream

Walk With Jith was highly recommended to us by a friend who had a very successful birding tour with the company. Our specific request was a keek long tour of Sri Lankan endemic birds. This was agreed and arranged quickly and efficiently by email.

Our birding guide, Thilana Karunanayaka, was extremely knowledgeable, energetic and totally committed to achieving our goal of 33 endemic species in a single week. He was also a safe driver and a good companion.

All the logistical arrangements were well planned and accommodation changes between locations went very smoothly.

We would highly recommend Walk With Jith and Thilina Karunanayaka for a Sri Lankan birding holiday.

Robin and Glenda Bream

25th January 2018

Jith for an outstanding holiday programme - good fun, highly knowledgeable Koushala

15 Jan 2018

Many thanks to our excellent, good fun, highly knowledgeable guide Koushala and his nice, smiling driver Indunil, for a superb 3 weeks in Sri Lanka. We have had a wonderful experience: amazing bird watching, fascinating cultural visits, breathtaking scenery, tasty food and many” warm encounters with Sri Lankan people across the country. The mix and variety of days has been enchanting, but also exhausting. The early mornings birding have always been exciting and fun. We were fortunate to have leopard sightings and encounters with other mammals & reptiles. The beautiful and varied Sri Lankan flora takes your breath away. No visit to this country would be complete without seeing & understanding its cultural heritage. Last but not least… we loved good Sri Lankan food and were perfectly encouraged & advised by our guide, who is well educated, able to speak English brilliantly and a wonderful ambassador for his country.

Pre-tour planning and communication with Jith was excellent!

14 Jan 2018

John Rayner, Ding Smith, Niel Marshal with Thilina
John Rayner, Ding Smith, Niel Marshal with Thilina

The pre tour planning and communication with Jith was excellent and we particularly like the speed of his responses to our questions.

One of our party suffered flight delays causing the lost of the first day of his holiday. Jith kindly met the late arrival and arranged extra transport at no extra cost. 
The guide for our 10 day tour was Thilina. We found him informed, extremely enthusiastic and his birding skills were exceptional. We saw all the endemic birds and many more besides as well as leopard and a memorably close encounter with an elephant.
We give “ Walk With Jith” our highest recommendation.

John Ramner (Toured with, Ding Smith ad Neil Marshall)

​UK, Manchester

14 Jan 2018

Saw 234 species including all endemics & lots of other wildlife

9 Jan 2018

<image not included>

We’ve had a wonderful holiday. We asked for a combination of birding and wildlife with some historical and cultural sites. We are very pleased with it all.

Wise advice. Sharing, flexible and patient guide

13 Dec 2017

Belinda with her father and Hetti
Belinda with her father and Hetti

The flexibility and wise advice you offered at the planning stages were much appreciated as was your clear communication. I knew we were in safe hands from the start.

Our guide, Hetti, was fantastic at sharing his detailed knowledge of Sri Lanka, especially its wildlife. He was always flexible and patient; he often made helpful suggestions about how we could alter our programme, good places to eat and where to see wildlife, especially birds. It was a real privilege to spend two weeks with such and expert.

Belinda Wallace

UK, Bristol


Belinda with her father and Hetti
Belinda with her father and Hetti

Brilliant from start to finish

25 Nov 2017

Nadia and Adam Archer
Nadia and Adam Archer

Our tour in November 2017 was brilliant from start to finish. It passed our expectations by a mile. From the initial booking and enquiring process; which was smooth and easy, Jith was in regular communication and changed the itinerary to fit our needs.

Our guide, Upali, was the star of the show, a brilliant birdwatcher and naturalist, he made every effort to locate the endemic birds of Sri Lanka, and pointed out other interesting plants and creatures along the way. His local knowledge was invaluable, and impressive. We managed to see nearly 200 bird species; we had great views of all but one endemic – we gave up – not Upali. We also saw many monkey species, giant squirrels, lizards, butterflies, etc. And thanks to Upali’s spotting skills - WE SAW A LEOPARD!!

Their knowledge is supreme, very very kind

21 Nov 2017
Francesca Terenzi and Terence Baker
Francesca Terenzi and Terence Baker

What a wonderful three days. Tili and Tila are superb people and birders, and nothing is too much for them. The obviously have seen many birds in Sri Lanka, yet they seemed as excited, if not more, than as vising birders. And their knowledge is supreme. I highly recommend them not just for their guiding but for the pleasure of their company. -- Terence

Can't have  enough good words about both Tili & Tila. Very knowledgeable and very very kind. Tila has taken extreme good care of me while birding, giving my <text not clear> ...

And took very good care when I felt sick. Wonderful experience

Jith’s tour delivered all of these wonderfully

18 Nov 2017

<image not published>

Could not have had a better introduction to Sri Lanka! We are not expert nature walkers and instead wanted an itinerary that mixed nature with culture, scenery and a little sea-side down time…

… and Jith’s tour delivered all of these wonderfully!

Special mention must go to out driver guide, Saman, who could not have been more helpful. Was always ready with nature tips & cultural information, not to mention explanations of Sri Lankan food. The other guides roped in along the way were also great too!

We are now going back to England full of praise for Sri Lanka… and will be recommending Walk With Jith to al our friends.

Bill & Elaine

PS Forgot to mention the accommodation: all were excellent and great value for money.

Bill Worswick And Elaine Caicedo


England Leicester

Superb day in Sinharaja

19 Aug 2017

David Garnett with Thilina
David Garnett with Thilina

Had a superb day in Sinharaja. Thilina was an excellent and very knowledgeable guide. During the course of a hectic day we saw 66 species and virtually all of the target species. Unfortunately my visit to Sinharaja was too short but I would recommend Walk With Jith who were professional and helpful throughout.

David Garnet, UK


I had an excellent guide, Thilina

17 Jul 2017

Adrian and Thilina at Sinharaja
Adrian and Thilina at Sinhraja

The tour organized by Jith was fantastic. I had an excellent guide, Thilina. He was very knowledgeable about wildlife, especially birds as well as Sri Lanka more generally. He worked exceptionally hard to ensure we saw as many species as possible. This included a large number of endemic species. Thilina was extremely friendly and ensured the trip ran smoothly. He listened to all questions and tailored the experience when requested. The accommodation was also very good and “did the job”. Thilina was helped by excellent local drivers and guides especially in Sinharaja where “Walk With Jith” uses outstanding local parties. Overall a fantastic experience.

Adrian McDermott