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Birding and exploring the ecosystems - fabulous trip

3 Mar 2019

Peggy McLeod and Lisa Soli
Peggy McLeod and Lisa Soli

For those who are interested in birding and exploring the ecosystems of Sri Lanka,

this is a fabulous trip. Our guide Susantha was extremely knowledgeable and

accommodating to our interests.

Our hotels were a mix of quality most of the staffs were exceedingly helpful and

friendly. We loved the quietness of the Ferncliff Inn.

This was a great experience for us.

Seattle, USA

A trip for hardcore birdwatchers

21 Feb 2019
Steen Sorgaard Group

Steen Sorgaard Group

Transport : Very convienient, very skilled driver, always a very clean car, (we felt safe inspite of the traffic). He always knew where to go.


Hotels/ Accommodation – Kithulgala rest house: Nice rooms, good food – Nice hotel.

Inn on the tree: Charmingly. Food rather basic.

Kandy Lake Lodge: Little charming lodge, very good food.

Leisure Village Hotel: Nice situated, but cold and a lot of people. We were the only guests.

Hibiscus Garden Hotel: Nice rooms, service is top. A very good accommodation.

Rock View Motel: far away from the location, a little empty; but good service.


Birding and the Guide:   Very clever guide, skillful, very enthusiastic and he made great efforts to satisfy our ornithological wishes. He made great efforts further on to show and tell me about the culture, the local people, the plants and many other things. He arranged a row of small extra arrangements and he has a good humor.


Guide Dhammika - very knowledgeable, affable and fun to be with

18 Feb 2019

Jon Wilson - Lynne Martin
Jon Wilson - Lynne Martin

We had an excellent trip.

Our guide Dhammika was very knowledgeable, affable and fun to be with.

The care and attention and emphasis on meeting our individual needs was always a priority. Sri Lanka is a treasure house for birding, and we were guided wonderfully well to see all we wanted to see. In addition, the driving, drivers, tracker, hotels and extra activities were fabulous. Overall, we would highly recommend walk with Jith and Dhammika.

Thank you.

Jon Wilson - Lynne Martin
Jon Wilson - Lynne Martin


Jon Wilson - Lynne Martin
Jon Wilson - Lynne Martin

Excellent bird knowledge

16 Feb 2019
DOF group with Ingelise Petarsen 2019

DOF group with Ingelise Petarsen 2019

Hotels nice and comfortable. Good standard. All situated nice.

Bus: Very nice with space for everyone.

Bus helper: Helps with all things like water, food etc.

Sightings: Birds here there and everywhere. So nice. The guide is excellent finding them, pointing every bird out of us. Has an excellent bird knowledge.  

Bus driver: Fantastic. Very nice. Always smiling – always very careful

In all: Everybody helpful and friendly

Love some more birding – even when we have seen them all.

Such a well-organized tour and most excellent guide

12 Feb 2019
Helen and Mike Boothman with Senerath

Helen and Mike Boothman with Senerath

This was our first experience of wildlife guided tour, and overall it was very positive.

Jith kept in touch with us and responded to our questions both promptly and clearly before we set off for Sri Lanka. Also, As we organised some days on our own doing culture, history and relaxation, both at the beginning of our trip and at the end, the arrangements for meeting us and dropping us were both flexible and worked well.

Our guide, Senerath, was excellent, knowledgeable, committed and excellent at finding birds that we would have had no chance of finding on our own. He was also good at other wildlife also – butterflies, reptiles, mammals, plants etc. He also

shared with us on general culture and life in Sri Lanka generally, which we really appreciated.

Understanding, attentive, punctual, v. good sense of humor -- decided to come back!

12 Feb 2019
Christine and Carole with Chameera

Christine and Carole with Chameera

Dear Jith,

Thank you so much for a wonderful holiday!

We thought we would give detailed feedback in email form and enclose a photo or two.


Our guide Chameera was just perfect. He quickly realised in early conversations what we wanted from our holiday and tailored it to be just right for us. He was quietly attentive, punctual and had a very good sense of humour, coping very well with us! He also introduced us to a bit of bird watching and despite this being a non-birding holiday, we saw ten endemics which gave us a lot of pleasure.

We had such a good experience with Cham and enjoyed Sri Lanka so much that we have decided to come back next year and would very much like Cham to be our guide. We have already discussed a rough itinerary with him for next year.


Kingsbury Hotel  - 5 Stars from us.

Sorrowa Resort - 3 stars from us.

Unbelievable experience based on a packed 3-day program!

11 Feb 2019
Knut and Helene Nygård with Thilina

Knut and Helene Nygård with Thilina

We have had an unbelievable experience based on a 3-day program, still with pleasant pace!

First, we did change the booking last minute, and if was handled very professionally!

Then Tilly [Thilina] picked us up. A guide with great skills in driving safely. Sri Lankan culture and history, wildlife in general and the birds: EXCEPTIONAL!

We can only say thank you for this great guiding and the experience we had with you. All perfect, including improvising based on change of itinerary.

And last but not least, the stunning number of birds, the good views, the photos we have with us back home. WE sincerely recommend you to anyone who may ask!

Knut & Helene Nygård

11- 13 Feb 2019

All endemics found !!!

9 Feb 2019
Marco Valentini and friends in Sinharaja

Marco Valentini and friends in Sinharaja

We have been birding with Walk With Jith 26.1 – 9.2.2019. The orientation and schedule comes from experience and have fully satisfied our expectations. Concerning hotel accommodation I suggest for photographers, Martin’s Lodge when in Sinharaja. Our *** totaled more than 210 species, of which many nicely photographed, often in challenging conditions. A special mention to our guide Thilina that is always available and flexible, tireless and knowledgeable. With his continuous efforts we have really enjoyed our stay here in Sri Lanka.

Great, Jith and Thilina

Marco Valentini and friends – Italy

P.S. All endemics have been found!!!

Upali was determined, 34 endemics birds seen, 29 photographed! total 230+

9 Feb 2019

Bill Rowe
Bill Rowe with Upali

My initial contact was with Jith at the Rutland Birdfair. I was impressed by his knowledge and enthusiasm – so did not look at any other company in detail. All communication has been very prompt, all questions answered to my satisfaction and all printed material very clear (really liked the photos)

Jith promptly met me at the airport and introduced us me to Upali, my guide/ driver.

Saman - Experienced tour leader. All 34 endemics,totally 254 species. Wonderful, well-planned and memorable trip

2 Feb 2019
Peter Lafrenz and DOF Group with top tour guide Saman Weediyabandara

Peter Lafrenz and DOF Group with top tour guide Saman Weediyabandara

DOF- Travel, Birdlife Denmark, has this year two trips to Sri Lanka. One in January and one in February. As tour leader for trip 1, 16 days in January 2019, I hereby give our agency in Sri Lanka Walk With Jith our greatest recommendations.

At arrival in the airport we were greeted by Jith and our local guide Saman. Bus driver and bus-helper were there as well, and we got quickly into the bus with our luggage. Jith gave every one of us a fine map of Sri- Lanka, a pocket guide to the mammals of Sri Lanka, a checklist of the birds with fine pictures and 1 pair of leech-socks, and all of this was for free.

In the next 16days we were led through Sri Lanka’s lovely bird sites. Everything went according to plan. Saman is a very experienced tour leader knowing his birds and where to find them, and it was not the first time, that he had led one of our tours. He is very easy to walk with, and he will secure us the right way, if you were on the wrong way.