A trip for hardcore birdwatchers

Steen Sorgaard Group

Steen Sorgaard Group

Transport : Very convienient, very skilled driver, always a very clean car, (we felt safe inspite of the traffic). He always knew where to go.


Hotels/ Accommodation – Kithulgala rest house: Nice rooms, good food – Nice hotel.

Inn on the tree: Charmingly. Food rather basic.

Kandy Lake Lodge: Little charming lodge, very good food.

Leisure Village Hotel: Nice situated, but cold and a lot of people. We were the only guests.

Hibiscus Garden Hotel: Nice rooms, service is top. A very good accommodation.

Rock View Motel: far away from the location, a little empty; but good service.


Birding and the Guide:   Very clever guide, skillful, very enthusiastic and he made great efforts to satisfy our ornithological wishes. He made great efforts further on to show and tell me about the culture, the local people, the plants and many other things. He arranged a row of small extra arrangements and he has a good humor.


All together: A very intensive trip with a lot of birds. But necessary to point out, that it requires guests with a certain amount of physical strength. It was a trip for hardcore birdwatchers.

Steen Sorgaard Group

Steen Sorgaard Group

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Steen Sorgaard and Group


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21 Feb 2019

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