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Sigiriya Rock

I am Lalith from Pannipitiya. We planned to visit Sigiriya in a one weekend in last month. We are four in the family me, my wife and two kids aged 12 and 14. Hence, we had few big bags with other stuff and decided to hire a van for more space. 

When I looked for a van and saw this Facebook advertisement and hired a van and the driver from Walk With Jith. 

Our driver Sisira smartly dressed and came at the right time in the morning, started our journey to Sigiriya. The vehicle was air-conditioned Toyota KDH high roof van, specious and well cleaned. On the way Sisira asked " sir if you are interest to see some birds I can stop in couple of places for a short break". I said actually we do not have any idea of bird watching but if he can show some, we are happy to see. 

When we passed Kurunegala, Sisira our driver stopped the vehicle at a roadside water reservoir. He had his own pair of binoculars, scanned the water area, and found some water birds. When he gave the binoculars to my kids and teach how to use it and watch birds. My kids were delighted with new sightings. We had done many rides in this road in past but never though such a thing. After relaxed and enjoyable 30 min, we continue the journey to Sigiriya.
After checked into our hotel my kids wanted to enjoy in the hotel pool in whole afternoon.

Our program in next day morning was climb Sigiriya rock. Sisira was with us on the right time and drove us to Sigiriya rock. He said Sir if you are happy, I can come with you can explain some of highlights of the cultural site. Yes, why not, I brought a ticket for him too. When we walk inside the cultural site Sisira explained the history and architectural highlights. At the same time if showed us some interesting birds in the site. He climbed with us to the top of the rock. On the top suddenly he shouted "a falcon. a falcon" Yes it was the Shaheen falcon, the fastest bird in the world and one of a highlighted bird in Sigiriya. Wow, yes, we saw it. 

In the afternoon we had no specific plan but Sisira said sir, if you like I can take you to some water areas for a leisure walk. Yes, it was a good idea and Sisira showed us many birds we never thought of. I had visited to Sigiriya two times before but never thought such a wonderful wildlife that we have in Sri Lanka. Specially my kids learnt a lot on nature and wildlife.    

At the end of the tour Sisira became a good friend and we planned another trip to Sinharaja rain forest in December.  

Thank you Sisira, we never expected such an extra service from a driver. Yes, it was a real value-added service !    

Brahmini Kite

Brahmini Kite

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Lalith M


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5 Sep 2020

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