Tour reviews from 2009

Reflections on our honeymoon

17 Dec 2009

John and Nicky Dodson
Mr. and Mrs. J. Dodson

17 December 2009

Reflections on our honeymoon

To whom it may concern

We arrived at the airport after a very long and tiring journey, to be met by Jith and Jawardene (Jaya). We were taken to at first hotel, the Dolphin, There we were given a briefing by Jith over dinner. Our room was beautifully prepared with fresh flowers and fruit, and we also had fully working air condition. Our room also overlooked the sea with a balcony.

From cyber space to face to face, we have been so pleased with your guidance and knowledge

15 Nov 2009

Jith, Bunny and Mimi
Jith,Bunny and Mimi

15 November 2009

Dear Jith,

I don’t know where to start here but Bunny and I had such a good time with you. From practically converting us both to Buddhism to learning at last to decipher the crested hawk eagle it was wonderful. Thank you for sharing your expertise and beautiful country and of course “country road” with us.

Mimi Marshal


Hi Jith.

From cyber space to face to face, we have been so pleased with your guidance and knowledge. Thank you for sharing so many things about Sri Lanka. The birds are spectacular and of course the leopard sightings were thrilling. I only hope my photos can tell the story! You will see.

Bunny Flemming

Thank you for your part in organizing such a wonderful honeymoon

6 Sep 2009

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Jon Hobbs, Solicitor
& Karen Hobbs

6th to 20th September 2009


Thank you for your part in organizing such a wonderful honeymoon.

The quality of service that you have provided has been outstanding at every stage from dealing with my initial, rather hesitant, query through right up to meeting and greeting me and my new wife from the airport. Throughout the organisation of this trip and our stay the service has been friendly, honest and reassuringly personal. We arrived at Bandaranaike tired and disoriented travellers having spent more than half of our married life to that point on an aircraft and it is thanks to your warm welcome and to your experience and hard work in organising our programme that we were quickly able to find our feet and relax in our new surroundings.

Your organization and attention to detail has been second to none

1 Aug 2009

Loraine, Tom, Peter and Ed Blakeney from left to right in the 2nd row from front, at Kandy Perahera.
Loraine Blakeney, MRPharmS
Peter Blakeney, CChem, MRSC
Tom Blakeney, 18 years old
Ed Bakeney, 16 years old
Sussex, UK

1 August 2009 - 16 August 2009

We were looking for a luxury cultural tour of Sri Lanka with our two teenage sons, and were put into touch with "Walk With Jith" by I was a little hesitant about booking when I spoke to Prasanjith and he said that he wasn't ATOL bonded but my fears were completely unfounded. We simply paid a travel deposit before we arrived in Sri Lanka and the rest in Travellers Cheques.​ apon arrival -- no hassle !!!

Jith you are a great naturalist and we will remember this wonderful two weeks forever

26 Apr 2009

Dave, Lorraine and Jith
Dave, Lorraine and Jith

26th April 2009

When we met you at the British Bird Fair in August 2008, we both knew right away that we wanted to Walk With Jith!

What a great opportunity to see your beautiful country and thenature – the jeep safari in Bundala – Painted Stroks and the challenge of IDing the Terns ( and of getting the cactus needles out of Daves uh… shorts)…

And the culture – thanks for arranging our visit to the ruins and the temples at Polonnaruwa (a good museum there!)- and the surprising Buduruwagala. Surprising to see a women there and surprise #2 – a great birding spot as well…

Jith, your hospitality and kindness make all of us feel very comfortable

16 Apr 2009

Thai group

16 April 09

Thank you so much for showing us almost endemic species of Sri Lanka and all beauty of Sri Lanka nature. The birds more very beautiful and your people were very friendly. We love all birds, nature and people.

Jith, your hospitality and kindness make all of us feel very comfortable while we were travelling and binding with you. Spending 14 days with you in Sri Lanka allow us to learn a lot in many aspects of your country.
Thank you very much again for this wonderful trip!

Chairatna Nilnond & Nut, Tida, Wilairatna, Noi, Kamolpan
From Hatyai, Thailand
April 13 -26, 2009

Click below links for photos and more information in Thai Language:

Everything worked like clockwork

9 Mar 2009

Martin & Mary Leathwood 
See more photos of the tour by Mary and Martin here:

March 2009

Martin & Mary Leathwood

We found Jith on the Responsible tourism website went to his site and liked the mixture of culture, walking and bird watching. 
We wanted to change the balance of the tour a little and this proved very easy. Paying the deposit to the UK bank and the balance in travelers cheques in Sri Lanka worked well.

During our three week trip virtually everything worked like clockwork. Prasanjith & Mr. Silva our driver looked after us exceptionally well always willing to stop for a photo. some fruit or buffalo curd and a more of information on the history, culture, religion and everyday life of this very beautiful country.

Big thank you for lots of hard work and early starts in the mornings which got us to your total of 231 species

20 Feb 2009

Dave Nelson & Bob Crawford
Dave Nelson & Bob Crawford

20th February to 7th March 2009

Jith & Mr. Silva
I will start with a very big thank you for lots of hard work and early starts in the mornings which got us to your total of 231 species with only two of the endemics missing. This is a very good total and we are more than pleased with this number. Many of these would have been missed had it not been for your sharp eye and good hearing.

Good luck for the future!
See you at the Bird Fair.

Dave Nelson & Bob Crawford

The mixture of cultural treasures ensured a mix of interest for everyone

28 Jan 2009

Ian & Lynn Cowgill, Melanie & Roy Rovill
Ian & Lynn Cowgill, Melanie & Roy Rovill

28 January 2009 
Thank you for showing us your wonderful island. We have enjoyed it all; the culture, hotels, fantastic scenery and most of all the birds. The driver Nishantha and his assistant Sisira should also be commended for their friendly nature and bird spotting skills. Our appetite for Sri Lanka has certainly been whetted and we hope to return again.
Thanks again;

Ian & Lynn Cowgill, Melanie & Roy Rovill

Jith not only knows where to find birds, but an excellent organizer

3 Jan 2009

Bourne and Bird couples 

Jan 3 – 20 Feb 2009

So jith, what was the question we were in fear of asking? At the supper table each evening -. “What time tomorrow?” With a little chuckle, you would give us the “bad” news! But of course it is sensible to start early, there are distances to travel and you are sure to see more birds before it gets too warm.
The south west and south was a good start. Pity we couldn’t visit Yala, but Bundala and Udawalawa produce good results. We “conghed it” in Sinharaja, but the experience and the birds will lingure in the memory. Even in the Cultural Triangle we saw some more species to add to the list – nearly 200 by the end of the trip.