Tour reviews from 2015

Sharp eyes and guidance

30 Dec 2015

<No image available>

Athula is a very good bird expert!

With his sharp eyes and guidance. You must have fun and find bird without doubt!

Good Corporation and bird-man

29 Dec 2015


Martin and Mary Leathwood

A second superb mixed tons of birding wildlife and culture. Thanks to Jith for helping to organize us as at very short notice. Providing first class transport and Athula. What an asset he is in your organization – an excellent driver – good corporation and birdman. We just cannot braise here enough.

Happy to send a derailed report for website as for our 2009 tour.


Note for website

Hi Jith

Sorry our paths and not cross in the tour. We’ve had a great time with Athula.

Just one thing to note for the future, particularly as not everyone is as tolerant as us - it would be sensible is ensure directions to hotels are included in the itinerary and a contact telephone number at the hotel.

The guide were very knowledgeable, professional, dedicated and put in a lot of effort to fund the birds for us.

24 Dec 2015

Mei Ling and group from Malyasia 2016

Mei Ling and group from Malyasia 2016

2 groups moving together was good because these were 2 guide to look for birds.

The guide were very knowledgeable, professional, dedicated and put in a lot of effort to fund the birds for us.

Overall the itinerary was very well – planned and thought out and we thoroughly enjoyed our trip.

Our guide also drove very carefully and put our safety first always.

We will definitely recommend “walk with Jith’’ for bird – watching tours in Sri Lanka.

My group rates this tour as 9/10.

24/12/2015 – 2/1/2016 

Extremely knowledgeable about the birds and wildlife

18 Dec 2015

Kristine Oehlers and Harry from Singapore with Upali 2016
Kristine and Wah Jiam from Singapore with Upali 2016

We enjoyed the trip. It was very well organized and things proceeded smoothly and without problems. Our guide, Upali was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable about the birds and wildlife. He gave us excellent advice and information as we traveled around Sri Lanka. We both had a great time on your tour.

One of best trip in my life

11 Dec 2015

Yala National Park - NATTINEE LIMKITISUPASIN and Group from Thailand 2016
Yala National Park - NATTINEE LIMKITISUPASIN and Group from Thailand 2016
With very special Pai in the photo.

We Love Sri Lanka

Every body…

Hi Jith,

Thanks for organizing our trip. I’m getting old so don’t remember how my last two trip was. ButI know that I have missed my most wanted birds. You make my dream come true in order to show me the Serendib Scopes Owl and Sri Lanka Spurfoul.

Kob Khun Ka


11 Dec 2015



Dear uncle Jith

We have seen lots of bird

We have seen a Sun Bird, Spoonbill, Baan sparrows, Little green Bee eater, Pea hen, Pea cock, great egreat




Thanks for everything on our trip. Ka.

Guide very friendly and knowledgeable about everything regarding birds.

8 Dec 2015


Ian Townson

Good response to initial email query. Would be a good idea to enquire with clients how much they are a birding enthusiast compared with someone interested in birds/nature.

Hotels OK – But Kitulgala rest house not very good. (Toilet not flushing, no hot water).

Guide very friendly and knowledgeable about everything regarding birds. Vehicle provided was comfortable but could do with cleaning.

Very pleasant driver and guide… A beautiful country with splendid nature and culture and very friendly people…

3 Dec 2015

Peter and Marijke Kok
Peter and Marijke Kok

Hello Jith

Thank you again for the super trip organized by your company and the pleasant Friday evening.

Here follows the promised review:

We had a very pleasant trip and enjoyed it very much.

in the first place we had a very pleasant driver and guide: Tillany. He was friendly, always trying to do and plan the best for us, nothing was too much for him.  He was always on time and every day we had a clean car, inside and outside. It was a very pleasant person to do our two weeks holiday trip. We never felt any annoyances or anything like that, and that is remarkable when you are on a holiday trip with a person you did not know before.

The Standard of accommodation and transport was very good

3 Dec 2015

Liz and Julian Taylor with Kaush
Liz and Julian Taylor with Kaush

The Standard of accommodation and transport was very good. Our driver and bird – guide could not have taken more trouble to ensure we had everything we needed and nothing was too much trouble. We were very well looked after and saw more than we expected?

Liz Taylor (UK).



We managed to photograph 120 species to a high quality standard

29 Nov 2015


Elephant in Sri Lanka

The tour was very well planned. Driving was kept to minimum using the mid-morning / middy hours when the light is poor for photography.

Our emphasis was on photographing birds, we managed to photograph 120 species to a high quality standard.

Our guide Upali was excellent choice, a very knowledgeable guide and a bird call, song and identification expert.

Upali is also a most careful and considerate motorist.

A special Day at Yala gave us two sights of leopard and two of sloth bear with many photographs.

We have been delighted with the tour and highly recommend it.

It is also very good value.

And creating wonderful meaningful memories for me…

29 Nov 2015

Scott Kampmeier with Senerath - A Walk With Jith tour 2016
Scott Kampmeier with Senerath - A Walk With Jith tour 2016

Thank you for responding so quickly and thoroughly to my pre tour questions via email.

Welcoming me to the country upon my arrival and checking in with me several times during the trip to make sure I was pleased.

Providing a guide who knew not only where to see the birds, but also possessed and shared his knowledge of local plants, animals, butterflies, and Buddhism.

Delivering exactly what we agreed upon via email regarding site, accommodations and fees.

And creating wonderful meaningful memories for me of a beautiful country with spectacular birds, friendly people, delicious and interesting foods, and an ancient and fascinating culture.

A job well done!

Guide was excellent in birding expertise… Relaxation at the end of another wonderful trip… Good value for money…

14 Nov 2015

<no image>

This is our second trip to Sri Lanka with “Walk With Jith’’. Our first trip mixed birding and culture but this second trip has focused on birding to try to see the final three endemics that escaped us first time round. Needless to say they were three of the more difficult one but thanks to the knowledge and tenacity of our guide we succeeded in finding all three and saw over 190 different birds in total. Our guide was excellent in both his birding expertise, His informative approach to the overall nature and culture of the island and the way he navigated through the traffic which to our western eyes was utterly chaotic!

... a good knowledge of all the bird calls... good at locating the source of the bird calls...

11 Sep 2015


Paul Trigger with Guide Hetti and local jeep driver at Yala
Paul Trigger (center) with Guide Hetti (right, with binos) and local jeep driver at Yala


Paul Triggs

11 Sep 15

Hetti is a good guide & tried to ensure that the clients wishes are met and that the client has an enjoyable tour. He has a good knowledge of all the bird calls and is good at locating the source of the call – i.e. the bird call.

Apart from the Rest House at Kitulgala & the Kinjou Safari Village at Udawalawa the hotels were of a good standard.

Both the Rest House & Kinjou Safari Village badly need refurbishing. However the most disappointing thing was that rooms were not that clean!!


Chinese birding photography tour group 01 - 2015

22 Aug 2015





你的姓名     刘立峰(环球野鸟摄影俱乐部)

日期    2015年8月22日              


欢迎您的反馈和评价。 我们将会发表在我们的网站上。





非常愉快!非常热情,认真,开心!     张钢




开心!      李军

四川 资阳



Carmen Pang from China

14 Aug 2015
Lin and Carmen Pang with Jith

First of all, many thanks for WalkWithJith & Hetti! We have a wonderful Sri Lanka birding trip! We got 142 birds and 26 of them are endemic. Hetti is a good guide! He always tries his best to find birds for us and also take good care of us! We love birding in Sri Lanka! Thank you very much! 
Carmen Pang 
At Sinharaja

​Toured from 6/8/2015 to 14/8/2015

林女士和Carmen Pang与Jith,


Carmen Pang




And I also felt the freedom and happiness of Sri Lanka

11 Aug 2015







首席摄影、策划   刘立峰Jerry



The Guangzhou and Shenzhen parent-child birding group has the largest number of people among the tours I organized abroad. It’s also the fourth time that I collaborate with Jith. Jith’s team is as professional and meticulous as usual. The team proves to be very professional in many aspect including hotel accommodation, vehicle arrangement, bird guide, etc.

Spot-bellied Eagle-Owl and Eurasian Scops Owl are the species that the team members have never seen before. All teammates are very satisfied!

Best things about Sri Lanka; friendliness and welcoming attitude of the people

8 Jul 2015
Manju, Megan, Cath Errington and Michael
We had a very enjoyable time travelling around Sri Lanka with Manju. Manju was able to tell us lots of interesting facts and found local guides for us at major sites. He looked after us very well the whole time.
Our accommodation was very good and the food was wonderful, portions huge. We were lucky enough to see many elephants of all sizes, visit interesting ruins and majestic temples. One of the best things about Sri Lanka is the friendliness and welcoming attitude of the people. I would highly recommend this company as everything was organized perfectly.
Australia, Wollongong

Food on offer has been delightful and aromatic

3 Jul 2015

Ian, Jacqueline, Phamie, Elsbeth with Jith and Upali - Sri Lanka 2015

Firstly, we had an amazing experience in Sri Lanka (it's an amazing country!) We have visited so many interesting and cultural places with our wonderful tour guide Upali.

Walk With Jith could not have arranged a more balanced and enjoyable tour, takin in evey thing from wildlife to places of worship and cultural fascinations. Upali has been an inspiring and knowledgeable guide with great stories and facts to make every aspect of Sri Lanka come alive!

All hotels were welcoming, comfortable and clean. All food on offer has been delightful and aromatic. It has been lovely to taste the different cultural foods of Sri Lanka.

Thank you.

Burke Family
(Ian, Jacqueline, Phamie, Elsbeth)

New Castle upon Tyne, UK

Jaffna Crab … just wonderful!! Trinco is always a favourite

27 Jun 2015

Dinner at Navam and Regis' House - Jenn, Rob, Davida, Neil, Marilyn, David

July 2015

4th visit to Sri Lanka! I am amazed, jith, that you still are welcoming and as usual, made out stay in your home and as we travelled around simply great! I still have not learned any Sinhalese, and am probably now holding a record for you seeing temples both old and new. Thanks again for your friendship and your attention to detail. I look forward to showing you Ireland! – soon!!

David De La Harpe Golden


July 2015

All of you on your team love your work and it shows!!

29 Apr 2015
Dinner at Sinharaja Rockview Motel - Nirosha, Dinitha, Yayoi, Jith, German and Saman
Dinner at Sinharaja Rockview Motel - Nirosha, Dinitha, Yayoi, Jith, German and Saman

We couldn't thank you enough for the wonderful trip you organized in your beautiful country. Everything was absolutely great about the organization, vehicle, hotel choices, food and guide. Above expectations!

You answered my e-mails straight away with clean and complete information. You also were very good at making some changes to tailor made our tour, so it fitted exactly within our time availability and interests.

Your service is amazing... Thanks for playing and putting up with Pukka also.

9 Apr 2015

Group from Thailand

9 -17 April 2015

Dear Jith,

Thanks so much for making our trip and our first experience with Sri Lanka memorable and enjoyable. We love nature here and all wonderful creatures you've shown us. Truly amazing with all endemic species. We hope Sri Lanka continues to value and conserve it's nature. We really enjoy Horton Plains, Yala and Uda Walawe. We'll have to come back for Bundala. The owl and the frogmouth were highlight of Sinharaja. Galle old city was also very lovely. Wish we had more time there.
Thanks again for all your help. Sri Lanka food is great! We'll be back :)

Petch, Pin, Pukka, Preecha, Karakatii??, Nit, Uan

Well organized, incredibly varied, gave us all a fantastic taste of Sri Lanka

5 Apr 2015
Bone family on sigiriya rock
Bone family on Sigiriya rock with Upali

Brian Bone
5 – 14 April 2015

We are a family of 3 (daughter 19 years) on holiday to experience Sri Lankan food, culture and friendliness, and to see a few birds as well. Were we satisfied? Emphatically.

The tour was well organized and I appreciated not having to worry about getting from one place to the next. Our guide was brilliant and informative and we enjoyed his company very much.

Our tour was incredibly varied and gave us all a fantastic taste of Sri Lanka and has made us all want to come back. Upali was really great and so informative with absolutely everything Sri Lankan. Had an absolutely unforgettable experience… Thank you!

This is the best Safari

3 Apr 2015

<Image not available>

Katie, Chick Hui Lai,
3. 4. 2015
This is the best Safari we have joined ever. Our guide, Hetti, he is very experienced and well planned for your daily itinerary. He led us to see nearly 100 bird species including 16 endemic species, leopards, elephants, horses, civet cats and even golden jackals.
Nice trip and we definitely will recommend WWJ and Hetti to my friends.
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Excellent holiday, which met all of our expectations

27 Mar 2015

Dr. Charles & Dr. Joy Fletcher with Senarath


Very many thanks for an excellent holiday, which met all of our expectations. Very well run and organized and we would not have changed any of the itinerary. All the hotels were good though the last one at Sinharaja was more basic. For example, the room was not cleaned daily, no kettle in the room, only trickle of hot water etc. – but we realized there is little choice in this area. Our favorite hotels were the Grand Hotel at Nuwara Eliya and the Hibiscus at Tissa.

Will come back again. We do like Sri Lanka!

18 Mar 2015


Chinese group that came in 2015.

Thank you for all your help these days. Best wishes for your business and life. Sri Lanka is quite good. I will come back again.
Welcome to China (again) :)
Lan @ 2015.03.18





Chinese Group' tour comment




大赞鸟导Samon, 助理,司机,都是称职的从业者,尤其是Samon,表现相当出色。




2015.3.17,22:23 PM


We do like Sri Lanka!

Over ten days journey is about to finish. The team is harmonious. We harvest a lot.

Would recommend Sri Lanka to other families with kids

3 Mar 2015

Karin and Family with Manju
The group with Manju


We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday in Sri Lanka. We were very happy with our driver Manju who went out of his way to help us and was kind and friendly as well as a safe driver. Our holiday was a mix of culture, wildlife and family fun with some birding for the bird-watcher in the family. We felt it was a good balance for us at this time and would recommend Sri Lanka to other families with kids.

Chinese Group Bird Watching with Jith

21 Feb 2015

21 February - 4 March 2015

Chinese Group, Jith and local guide Somapala

中国观鸟团, Jith, 和地导Somapala






Amanda Liu Jia


March 3rd, 2015

Writing before leaving Sri Lanka

Koush is one of the best bird guides I have encountered

17 Feb 2015


Photo from Tony's tour
Photo from Tony's tour

17 February to 1st March 2015

Hi Jith

Sorry for the delay in responding to your request for feedback but after Sri Lanka I was working in Malaysia for a week and have not long been back … only to arrive in the middle of our cyclone season.

The following comments are mine alone - I believe Christine will send her thoughts separately:

1. The overall experience - probably 7/10. Part of the problem was of my own making because I tried to get an itinerary that would provide something for everyone, and frankly, that didn’t work. There was too much driving and too many days when there was no birding, or very little. But when we did get to the good spots the birding was often excellent and Koush eventually got the hang of working with a ‘photographer’ who needs good light, not just sightings.

Chinese Group Bird Watching - A well-prepared well-run tour

15 Feb 2015


Feb 15, 2015

Hello Jith,

Thank you again for providing such a well-prepared & well-run tour for us and also the excellent service provided by Saman's team. I'll not hesitate to recommend your company to my friends if they want to travel to Sri Lanka.

For your information, I've posted a picture of Sri Lanka Blue Magpie taken at Sinharaja Rainforest the night before to the Bird Photography community of G+; the response was out of my expectation. The no.of views, +1s & reshares all far exceeding my previous record ! Here is the link to my photo :

Wonderful places and had fantastic experiences

14 Feb 2015

Alan Curry Jayne Curry and Mia Curry with Senarath

Fantastic trip. Very well organized-everything worked very smoothly. Good choices of accommodation en route. 

Senarath our guide was very knowledgeable, friendly and polite, but gave us space also. You could tell he put a lot of care and thought into the trip and adapted things to suit our needs.

We have seen some wonderful places and had some fantastic experiences that would not have happened if we had been on our own. The knowledge and experience that comes with using "Walk With Jith" has been invaluable. Thank you Senerath and Jith for giving us memories of Sri Lanka that will last forever.

Jayne, Alan and Mia Curry.

In Danish: Kirsten og jeg havde en fantastisk fin tur til Sri Lanka med Walk with Jith.

17 Jan 2015

Soren Skov and Kirsten Lundsby Hansen tour birding tour 2015
Jan - Feb 2015

Hello Prasanjith

Thanks for your greetings
Now we are back in a snow-covered Denmark.

I have written this in Danish:

Kirsten og jeg havde en fantastisk fin tur til Sri Lanka med Walk with Jith. Udover mange fugle, som bl.a. omfattede næsten alle de endemiske arter, så vi leopard, blåhval, havskildpadder, der lagde æg på stranden, brydes hval, spinnerdelfiner, flyvende hunde i tusindvis og meget mere.  Rundrejsen blev afviklet i et afslappet tempo, da der var god tid ved lokaliteterne - og når vi skulle videre, sørgede vores chauffør og guide, Senerath, for at fragte os trygt fra sted til sted i sin nye og næsten lydløse Toyota. Hele arrangementet klappede til punkt og prikke, og virkede meget gennemtænkt og vel planlagt.

DOF (Dansk Ornitologisk Forening; in English, Danish Ornithological Society)

10 Jan 2015

Group from DOF (Dansk Ornitologisk Forening; in English, Danish Ornithological Society)

Turen, der blev gennemført i samarbejde med fugle- og naturguider fra det lokale firma WalkWithJith, blev en ubetinget succes. Ejeren af firmaet Jith blev sekunderet af den ligeledes rutinerede guide Upali, så vi var godt dækket ind. De to guider, ofte hjulpet af andre lokale guider, gjorde et stort arbejde, og det lykkedes da også for dem at vise os samtlige 33 endemiske fuglearter, som findes på øen.

- from the trip report sent by John Speich, the tour leader of DOF (Dansk Ornitologisk Forening; in English, Danish Ornithological Society)

Google Translation: