Tour Reviews, testimonials from Germany

Upali was absolutely competent

15 Nov 2021

Good morning Jith,

I promised you to write a short feedback.

Upali was absolutely competent

15 Oct 2021

Good morning Jith,

I promised you to write a short feedback.

Thilina was kind enough to adapt to our special requests without any bad feeling & additional cost.

4 Jan 2020
Johannes Ferdinand with Thilina

Johannes Ferdinand with Thilina

our tour has now nearly ended. I send you the recommendation for your website attached:

Our tour was focused on high quality bird photography in combination with a relaxing holiday. One week in the dry zone around Yala NP has been a great success. Bird photography is not really challenging in Sri Lanka, but I would never been able to get as many high-quality pictures without Thilina.

Perfect pre-booking information and suggestions

16 Dec 2019
Caroline, Markus & Dammika in Sinharaja

Markus in Sinharaja

- Avoid many small plastic bottles – dispenser to refill
+ Perfect pre-booking information and suggestions
+ Perfect guiding in all matters
+ Very friendly and honest guide Dammika
+ Flexibility during the trip was always given
+ Birthday surprise
+ Good driving skills (safe and comfortable)
+ Many small arrangements to see Rare birds
+ We really enjoyed the time with Dammika and will definitely come back
+ Very knowledgeable guide in each manner

Markus Herrmann

16th – 29th December 2019​



Me and my wife with Jith's Expertise and experience. Excellent impression.

5 May 2017

Theo his wife and Upali
Theo his wife and Upali

Hello Jith,

after a save return to Germany and a tough adaptation to our weather I now take my time to write a short review of the four day trip with Upali to Yala and Sinharaja rain forest. First of all ....... What made me choose you was the quick reply and the design of the tour according exactly to my wishes.

So here is my review:

We managed to photograph 120 species to a high quality standard

29 Nov 2015


Elephant in Sri Lanka

The tour was very well planned. Driving was kept to minimum using the mid-morning / middy hours when the light is poor for photography.

Our emphasis was on photographing birds, we managed to photograph 120 species to a high quality standard.

Our guide Upali was excellent choice, a very knowledgeable guide and a bird call, song and identification expert.

Upali is also a most careful and considerate motorist.

A special Day at Yala gave us two sights of leopard and two of sloth bear with many photographs.

We have been delighted with the tour and highly recommend it.

It is also very good value.

Auch die lokalen guids waren seher freundlich und Kompetent.

31 Jan 2013

Jens Borner, Ruwan and Carola Seifert

Kitulgala, 8.2.13

Dear Jith,

Unsere Tour vom 31.1.13 – 08.2.13 war großartig!

Unser guide Rowan hat uns hervorragend geführt und an Plätze und Orte geführt, die wit allein nie gefunden hätten. Auch die lokalen guids waren seher freundlich und Kompetent.

Dadurch war es möglich, viele schöne Beobachtungen und Fotos zu machen. Wir haben ca. 190 Vogelarten gesehen! Dabei waren viele endemische Arten!

Rowan hat uns aber auch viele interessante Dinge und Orte gezeigt und interessantes erzählt, 2.B. von einer Dagoba und einem Tempel.

Auch unser Fahrer Danushka war sehr aufmerksam, hifsbereit und ist ein sehr gutes und sicherer Fahrer!
Besonders danken wir Ruwan, daß er seinen Urlaub für uns und unsere Tour verschoben hat!

A wonderful weekend in Sinharaja Rain Forest!

11 Mar 2005

Astrid Becker, Henning Effner and Norma Effner
Astrid Becker
Resident Representative
Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
Henning Effner
Junior Expert
Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
Norma Effner

11 – 13 March, 2005

Dear Jith,
Thank you for a wonderful weekend in Sinharaja Rain Forest! We learned much about birds spiders, butterflies and leeches. And we also have an idea now about the rainforest and how parts of Sri Lanka must have looked like many years ago. Thank you very much for organizing everything so well. We really had a good and relaxing time.

Prasanjith in 2003

1 Jan 2003

Prasanjith with guests

Prasanjith in a 2003 tour Photo by: Ms. Monseratte