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Unbelievable experience based on a packed 3-day program!

11 Feb 2019
Knut and Helene Nygård with Thilina

Knut and Helene Nygård with Thilina

We have had an unbelievable experience based on a 3-day program, still with pleasant pace!

First, we did change the booking last minute, and if was handled very professionally!

Then Tilly [Thilina] picked us up. A guide with great skills in driving safely. Sri Lankan culture and history, wildlife in general and the birds: EXCEPTIONAL!

We can only say thank you for this great guiding and the experience we had with you. All perfect, including improvising based on change of itinerary.

And last but not least, the stunning number of birds, the good views, the photos we have with us back home. WE sincerely recommend you to anyone who may ask!

Knut & Helene Nygård

11- 13 Feb 2019

Chamil our guide; outstanding hearing, high knowledge of fauna !

12 Jul 2018

Thank you for a very good birding experience in southern part of Sri Lanka.
My driver, Chamil Uddika, I s a very good driver and not least birder. His capability to hear one, was outstanding. He also has very good knowledge over birds and all other animals that crossed over the road.

We had three different accommodations. All of them were to my satisfaction. You can’t expect too much when living in countryside, but they were shaming motel’s with a very friendly and helpful staff. They fully covered my needs.

I will not have any problem with recommending this tour to other birders.

Guide who has a very good knowledge to the wildlife

6 Dec 2014


Bard Nyberg and Jill Ringstad
Bard Nyberg and Jill Ringstad


Two fantastic weeks with our guide Saman. We managed to encounter all endemic birds thanks to the efforts from our guide who has a very good knowledge to the wildlife (especially the birds), nature and the culture. Everything went  really smoothly and I will recommend walkwithjith to all birders with plans to visit the country.